Cry, Fallacy, cry
Show the world your tears
Give in to the hunger
That's held you back for years.
Plead with me to save you
I won't listen, you know
Curse the strength you gave me
I use it to let you go.
I've hidden behind you for too long
It's time for me to emerge
Struggle all you want, Fallacy
You're going to hear your dirge.
You'll be gone and worse forgotten
There's nothing you can do
My life's not under your control now
I'm becoming new.
Your shadow won't hang over me
Your tears go past my sight
I regret I let you live so long
It took me so long to find light.
Cry, Fallacy, cry
Your wasted time is all in vain
You're the loser for today
Here, you've nothing left to gain.