Kirea, owner of the Earth

I am what you call a goddess. My name is Kirea and if I were a human, I would be 17 years old. I'm in charge of Earth, just like my sisters are to the other planets of this solar system. I'm the oldest one of the nine of us, so my mom put me in charge of the Earth, the most tiring planet in the Universe. Humans just can't do anything by themselves right! Sometimes I wanted to change places with my sister Doba, owner of Venus, but the last time I changed places with her, she killed all the dinosaurs! No way I'll ever change places with her again... And how about when I changed places with Gaika, owner of Mars? Hello W. W. 1, as you know it, and Hello, baby Hitler! When I realized that Gaika was looking a little bit too worried, it was too late. But I can't say I'm perfect. When I thought everything was normal and I could go over to my friend Caruka's planet (her family, poor guys, lost their baby boy when he was 5 human years old! Caruka and I were 4 human years old), on the other side of the galaxy, humans, again, changed the atmosphere and destroyed a lot of the ozone layer, and killed lots of animals! I can't really trust those guys...

But not everything is that bad. Sometimes I make myself visible to human kind and go to cities, villages, deserts, to see how pretty my world can still be. The only thing that is different from all the other humans is that I have the Earth symbol on the palm of my right hand, which is where I usually put the Earth. Pekina, owner of Pluto and the youngest one of us all, has the mark on the nose. She always has Pluto on her nose. I can't really understand why. Maybe because she is always laying on her bed, hands behind her head, and she really likes human clowns. Maybe that's the clown idea, the author of that mark. But returning to my symbol, humans invented the 'tattoo', so no-one looks at me like they did in the middle ages (They thought I was a witch. Don't really know what it is, but I'm sure it's their explanation of us, goddesses that are not humans. We sometimes do things in front of them that we shouldn't.).

Today I decided to return to Earth, but this time no Pekina, no Doba, and no Gaika, my most problematic sisters. This time I'm going alone, and I'm staying a little longer. I want to see how my humans are. It's their 21st Century and it's January of 2003, I think. I'm going to a country they call 'England', or 'Inglend', or something (I'm horrible with names!). I dressed black jeans (some I saw in a shop window and copied them), a black t-shirt, but the sleeves are see-through black, and long. That shirt I made it my self, so I think that on Earth there are no more like it. I pulled my brown hair up with a black wood stick, with a silver fish bone on top and tiny silver balls attached to the top of the stick by thin silver strings. I really like that stick. I need something blue, so my eyes won't feel apart, let's see... no, a necklace I already have (a silver string with a black diamond), and my earrings are the same as my necklace. I'll just put a silver ring with a sapphire. Okay! I guess I'm ready! No, wait, I still have to make my house, and human family! Ah, forget it, I can say my family all died in a car accident (that is almost normal, between the human kind, right?), and I can just create a housekeeper that takes care of me since my birth, and the house I make when I get there. My housekeeper is an image of my mom (a fat lady, with really nice face, looks like 45 human years), with housekeeper clothes. Now, I'm finally ready! I'll teletransport myself and send the housekeeper to somewhere with nobody.

When I got there, in London suburbs, and got rid of the housekeeper, I went for a walk. Everything was quiet, and the sun already set. We were in the beginning of spring, so it wasn't very late(Wait a second, How can it be January, ans the babinning of spring?! Must be wrong with the month...). Maybe 9 o'clock. I could see people at their houses having dinner, or in the living room, looking into a box, or reading. The schools were already closed, and the libraries too, so I decided to go to an open park, with trees, bushes, and benches. I saw some sort of a little clearing, with slides, swings, and other children's stuff. I think I know how to manage the swing. I think it's about swinging with the help of our feet. I decided to sit on one of the swings and swing a little bit. It's easy, and I can understand why children like it so much. The sky always looked beautiful from the Earth. Outside I can see too many stars, and I can't look to some place without stars, or planets, or comets. Here on Earth it looks a lot more peaceful. Tonight is actually a very lovely night. I stop the swing, I'm starting to get cold. Then, I felt someone get near behind me.

"Well, well, well, look what we have here! A little girl, that needs company! Should we, boys?" I stood up, and looked to the voice's owner and his 'boys'. They all looked like 25, 30 years old, and not the best guys in the universe.

"What do you want?" I said, a bit frightened.

The man spoke, approaching with his men. "Nothing, we just want to talk, and know what happened to you. You must be really sad, to be here all alone in the middle of the night!" All the other men grinned stupidly and some of them licked their lips. I really don't like this...

I forgot to say something. We goddesses have '6th senses', we can see things happen before they do, and we have telepathy and telekinetic powers. We can also move objects with our minds. And I just 'saw' what was going to happen if they didn't back off.

"Huh, guys, I advise you to back off and go away, if you don't want anything bad to happen to you!"

"And what happens if we don't, doll?" He touched my cheek with his right hand and held my chin.

I closed my eyes. I could feel that the image I saw was going to happen in no time (even if it didn't happen, I could still protect me with my powers, but I don't want to show them). Suddenly, when I was going to panic, thinking that nothing was really going to happen, I feel someone punch the man that was holding me. It was a boy, looked like the same age as me. The man fell on the ground, bleeding from his mouth. He stands up and runs to the boy, trying to return him the punch, but he ducked and punched him again, in the stomach. The man groans in pain and backs off a little. The boy gives him another punch and gave him a kick in the air, ones that I saw between men dressed with white robes and black belts, screaming "HAYAAA!!!!," but the boy didn't scream. The only thing I know is that the man automatically falls on the floor, some meters ahead, and he was completely K.O.ed. The other men help him to stand up, while he cried "Take me outta here!" and we heard him add "Aw, I need a hospital, I think he broke my jaw..." while he was being dragged by the other men to some machine they call a 'car'. When the car was far enough, he turned to the shocked girl sitting on the swing (that was me) and approached.

"Are you okay? You must be really frightened." He said, crouching in front of me. I was almost breaking in tears, I never thought that Earth had this kind of men!

"Y-yes, I'm fine. Thank you for helping me."

"No prob! Those assholes are always trying to rape girls. I'm Jacob. What's your name?" He said, sitting beside me.

"My name? I-I'm Kirea."

"Kirea? That's an odd name... But it's cute!" Jacob said, smiling. I smiled. "You look a lot better smiling. Hey, forget what just happened, they don't deserve the 'honor' of a girl crying for their cause. I've never seen you around here, how long do you live here?"

"I just arrived from another dim- I mean, country!" We stood up and started to walk.

"Really? Where from?" I mentally slapped my self for not paying enough attention to the names of the countries...

"Huh... Holland, Amsterdam...? I was only born there. The rest of my life I traveled around the world." I really hate to say this, but... fuck.

I'm interested to know what he's thinking... let's see... 'God! I've never seen such eyes! They must be the bluest eyes on Earth! She looks like a goddess...' You don't know how right you are... My eyes are the bluest in the Solar Sistem, because they represent the Earth, known as the blue planet.

"That's cool... I was adopted when I was a little baby, my parents never hid the truth from me. Where do you live with your family? I don't have a car, but I guess I can walk you home." Fuck! Now what am I supposed to do? "Do you live with your family?"

"Huh, yes, I mean, no, I ,mean, yes and no!" He was looking as confused as me. "My family all died a couple of years ago, in a car accident, and I live with our, now my, housekeeper. She has always been like a mother to me."

"Oh, sorry, I didn't know! But where do you live?"

I started to look in my mind for a place to 'build' my house. It has to be close, and big. I only like big houses. I founded a plot of land good enough to make a garden with a pool (I like to swim) and a big house. So I started to build it. It is almost a mansion, with three floors, a big kitchen, an even bigger living room and a dinning room, bedrooms with king size beds, and a room especially made for me, on the last floor, with all my clothes and a book case with a sofa next to it. I think it's good. Now I have to teletransport the housekeeper into the house.

"Hello?? Kirea? Are you there? Where do you live?"

"Wha-What? Oh, I live a couple of blocks from here."

"Oh, I was starting to think that you were deaf or something!"


"That's okay. Hey, how old are you?"

"Three mil-I mean, 17. And you?"

"I just turned 18 last month!" Jacob said, shaking proudly his head, making some locks of fire red hair fall in front of his purple-blue eyes. His eyes are unique! But they are familiar, somehow...