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Kirea, Owner of The Earth

Chapter 4

Aahh... How I love those sandwiches... Now to clean all the mess they made on the walls and floors, quickly cause I only have 15 minutes. I place my hands on the wall and concentrate a bit, cause this house is big. Automatically, a spot of cleanness spreads through the entire house, cleaning everything. This took a while to be sure every spot in the house was clean, so in no time the fifteen minutes have passed.

"See you later, Mrs. NĂ­dia!" I yell as I run outside.

"Bye dear!"

I ran like a mad person towards the garden, making people from all ages stare. That is kinda embarrassing, actually... I turn on a corner of a house, and less than three meters from the corner is a group of guys around my age, some were cute, actually, but they were too close for me to round them!

"Look out!" I hear a guy yell at the other, as I pass through them, pushing some of them onto the others. "Watch it!"

"Sorry!" I scream. I slowed down as I entered the garden and jogged towards them. Thank me goddesses don't sweat! Ladies shouldn't sweat. I see a group of teenagers, with a red head in the middle. It must be them. They all looked nice people, some nicer than the others... in every aspect. Jacob saw me approaching. He had a huge grin.

"Hey, Kirea! Right on time!" All heads turned to see the new comer... Me. I waved to everyone and gave one of those 'Kawaii' or 'chibi' smiles, or whatever Doba calls them. She is a Japanese fanatic. Some girls returned the smile, as the guys started whispering between them. One asked Jacob who I was; he answered, "A friend I met yesterday." "Everyone, this is Kirea, she's new in this town. That's why I asked you to bring your swimming suits and bikinis, after this we're going to her house! Kirea, that's Kim, Francis, Sarah, Alicia- she's letting you borrow her roller skates-, Tiago- he barely speaks English, he's Portuguese, but is a nice guy- and Peter and Josh." As the boys went into the skating area, Alicia gave me her roller skates and asked me if I wanted to join them on the bench. I agreed, and went with them to a nearby bench. As Kim sat on the backs of it, Sarah and Alicia sat normally, and I sat next to Kim.

"So, Kirea, that's an odd name... Where'd it come from?" Asked Kim, the one that looked more radical.

Okay, I hate to lie, but it won't be really lying. "Well, my family, a loooooooong time ago, centuries ago, made up a sort of religion, not so ... boring- sorry for that- like the prayers of the Catholics. Actually we don't have to pray. They believed that there was more than one God, and there was one god- in this case Goddess-" They all grinned and said 'Yeah' and 'Finally, women in power!' I laughed with them. "Yeah! And it was one Goddess for each planet. Like, for Mercury is Kora; Venus is Doba; Earth- That's ours- Is Kirea; Mars is Gaika; Jupiter, Suna; Saturn, Dorina; Uranus, Kiri; Neptune, Febihun and Pekina, owner of Pluto. Since I had seven sisters- one was never born-, and my grandma predicted that, they gave us these names. And I was the third to born!"

"Wow... nice religion! None of us really care for religion. We don't need a meaning to live! But I'd like to take part in that religion, if it was true..." Said Sarah, as all the others agreed.

"What d'you mean, 'one was never born'?" Asked cautiously Alicia.

"Oh, my family all died a couple of years ago. My mom was pregnant with the supposed Peking, but she died. Now I live with the housekeeper, who had always been like a mother to me."

"Oh... That's sad..."


"But well, I love your religion. You'll have to tell me the whole story of those goddesses sometime. Pretty sad it isn't true. That's the problem with the religions... They are always so full of wonders and odd gods, that it's impossible for us to believe such gods! I mean, that's why I'm athew..." Said Kim.

"Oh, but my religion is true..."

"Can you prove that?" Asked Kim, monotonously

"Yes... As a matter of fact I can." They all looked at me, expectantly, almost making me fall to the ground.

"How can you prove that?" Spoke for the fist time Alicia, the shy one.

"Well, somehow, those goddesses are connected to us, believers, in someway or another. To me, they gave the power to predict things." I whispered.

"... Can you show?" Whispered back Sarah. I looked at the boys, as in my mind I saw something... interesting.

"Look at Peter and Josh. In five minutes, they are going to the back of that building. Just wait." They looked at them, and in less than five minutes, Josh pulled Peter to the back of the building. They got the deer in the headlights look, as they looked at me in disbelief... Did I do wrong in showing that to them?

"That... Is so cool... you don't even need to tell us what they're gonna do, we already know." Sighed Alicia.

"Oh, what is it? How do you know?"

"It's logic, my dear. Peter and Josh are dating. You know, boyfriends. And since they lost it to each other, about two years ago, they're almost always doing it...!" Said Kim.

"In the bathroom, in the house, in the pool, in the garden, in bed, in the school's closet, in the school's bathroom, in the classroom... Just like over amped Duracell bunnies..." Continued Sarah, as the others nodded in agreement, looking at the floor. Suddenly, Sarah lifts her head, looking at her.

"In the classroom?! When?"

"Last week, Wednesday."

"Oh, okay." I was stunned, looking at them in disbelief. How can they do that? They were only fifteen when they started!

They looked at me, and in a second they all burst into laugher. "Wha...? What is it?"

"Oh, Kirea, it's your face! Yeah, we know they were kinda young when they started, but to Miss yaoi fan here, they weren't, ne, Ali-chan?" Kim looked at Alicia with a mocking face, as she blushed deeply. "Bwahahahaha! You're funny, Ali. Besides, they can't get pregnant." I nodded in agreement... Alicia sighed, seeing a bush next to the building shake and hear little giggles.

"Oh... Such a waste..." She mumbled, supporting her head with her hand.

"Yeah..." Sighed Sarah.

"Well, girls, we're NOT here to talk about other's love life. We're here to stake, right? Now put your asses in the skate area, now." Half-yelled Kim, making us get up uneasily and walk to the skating area, each one with the respective skates or roller skates.

"Hey! So the ladies decided to join us?"

"Shut up, Francis...!" Answered Kim, not taking her eyes from her roller skates.

"Love-hate," whispered Sarah to Alicia and me, as she nodded. What did she mean with that? "Those two never liked each other, but last year, when she had a sort of mental break down, or whatever, he was always with her in the hospital. Those two can't live without each other!"

"Oh, cute!" I whispered back.

"Hey, you know how to skate? Jacob said you didn't. I'll teach you! Here, let me help you with those..." Said Alicia, putting on for me those odd things with four wheels under them, called roller skates. Nah, just kidding. I know what they are. I just don't know how to play with them... She helped me to stand up, as I chicken up and remembered something us goddesses are good at. Just for seeing something, if we want to, we can learn how to do it in less than a second, if the 'teacher' is good.

"Hmm... You go ahead, Alicia. I'll join you in a minute. Let me see you first, 'kay?"

"Oh, okay. Sit down on that bench." I sat on the bench, and she started to run around on those things, looping around the others. I think she's the best of all the others. She makes it look so natural! It's like those on the ice, some years ago. She shows me all her movements and tells me the basics, and in two minutes I'm ready to start... falling...

Well, it is pretty easy to do, if you learn like I do, with a teacher like Alicia. In no time, I was on my feet (well, sort of), giving my first steps with those things. I swung to Jacob, who was some feet from me.

"Kirea!! Look Out!"

"Waahh!!" It wasn't my fault! I can assure you that rail wasn't there! It came outta nowhere! One thing is that it made me fall onto poor Jacob... "Oh Sorry, Jacob! That rail came out of nowhere..." He laughed as I tried to stand up on my own. He sure could help me...

"Here, le'me help ya" My thought.

The second time wasn't so bad... Only took five minutes to have my face on the ground, but it's always better than three seconds... But like always, it's on the third time that every thing setles down, and I am finally good at managing those darn things... In ten minutes I was swinging, or whatever you call it, almost as good as Alicia!

"How do you do it, Kirea?! In fifteen minutes you're as good as any of us, just looking at us! It's impossible!!"

"Well, I'm a quick learner, Francis." I grinned.

Just as I said that, we saw Peter and Josh came out of the bushes and into the skating area.

"Hey, where were you two?" We gathered around them, as they sitted on the benches to pick up their skates.

"Oh, I needed to go to the bathroom, but I didn't know where it is." Kim gave Josh a 'yeak, right' look, crossing her arms on her chest. "I was!"

"Then why Peter had to go with you?" The rest of the boys left the group, leaving us, girls, with the little couple. Sarah was almost on them when she asked this.

"Sarah, you know pretty well why. Now leave them alone!" Said Alicia, pulling her from them. As Peter heard this, he blushed deeply, shortly followed by Josh.

"Come on, people! We're not here to juge other people's life. Specialy love life, so get your asses on the skating area. NOW!" Kim yelled, making them stand up slowly, just like we did a while ago.

Now that I think about it, I almost never had so much fun in my life! Not even when Caruka and I ridded the Esjektos* in her planet, or making races with them, and her friends in that planet. Actually, reaces with Esjektos are too funny to be compared with skating.

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* Esjektos are legendary animals, between dragons and snakes, that can be found in the lakes of the Rekoz'es(flying islands) of the Planet Landiria(Caruka's). Actually, Planet Landiria and all in it belongs to me, cause it's from another story I'm writing. Not going to post it though... Maybe one day.