"the guinea pig is dead-" professor

said walking in from the pounding rain.

his coat
and brand new
hat and the

thousands of thesis bounding 'round his ambivalent
nervous eyes

were waterlogged-

from the rain

in adjectives is less painful

than if someone were
to drown among adverbs, double-edged
nouns or worse yet asphyxiation between

an appositive because
the grammar-school demigod was
divorcing his wife-

and forgot that things neatly very pine-
box neatly can be spaced between
twin commas,
being blank children-

in that way.


"the damned thing died last night died
because some one had forgotten-"

but what they had forgotten
drowned among the wailing verbs. happy adverbs- the professor
stoked a fire-

it did some
to dry the flood
an ark of
polystyrene bobbing luckily among the lapping
dove-eyed embers