Aaron was horrified when he arrived at Brynne's chambers to see someone trying to kill her. He raced over to the teenagers and pulled Andrew off of Brynne. The young empress gasped, pale from loss of blood, and tried in vain to cover the six inch gash on her shoulder and collarbone. Despite her efforts, blood flowed freely between her slender fingers.

Andrew was about to protest his father's actions when he noticed Emily standing near him. He turned and ran at Emily, lifting her into a tight hug and swinging her around in a circle. He was incredibly relieved that she was not dead, as Ryan had said. Unfortunately, seeing Emily confirmed for him that Hanna was indeed dead.

Andrew set Emily down, his expression somber. Emily shifted her gaze to the ground, crushed. She knew what Andrew was upset about. Michael had told her all about Hanna. Emily knew that it was wrong of her to even think it, but wasn't she enough for Andrew? What exactly had been between Hanna and him?

Aaron quickly removed his shirt and tied it securely around Brynne's wound. He turned to Emily, "Can we take her to your hospital?" Emily nodded absentmindedly. She wasn't really worried about Brynne at the moment, nor was she really listening to Aaron. Aaron sighed when he saw the look in Emily's face. It was the same expression on his face when Justin had been killed. He had thought then that Larissa and Justin were lovers.

He shook his head and lifted Brynne into his arms. He had more important things to worry about. He had to save his daughter. Aaron disappeared for the hospital. After his depart, Emily turned to Andrew. "Will you take me to work?" she asked shyly. Andrew nodded slowly, took her hand in his, and disappeared. Upon appearing in an alley, Emily felt the grip on her hand disappear. She turned to see that Andrew had vanished.

Andrew followed Emily into the room where Brynne was being kept. He sat slowly next to Aaron, remembering the last thing he had ever said to Hanna:

"Why don't you just go to Matthew and tell him that you have succeeded? I mean it. You'll make a great guardian, always thinking of others and not yourself at all."

Why? Hanna had always tried to help him, had always been there for him. She had lied to Michael to save his life at the risk of her own. When had he ever helped her?


"Andrew, this is your trainee. Her name is Hanna. Hanna, this is Andrew, your mentor." Matthew introduced. Twelve-year-old Andrew looked at the girl standing before him. She was a person who he would be describe as awkward, with arms and legs that were slightly too long for her and a huge smile on her fairly attractive face. He smiled and extended his hand.

"I hope your training goes well and I wish you the best of luck," Andrew stated formally. He could tell that Hanna was a bit amused with his formality. Her face became accusing, and she leaned in close to him.

"So, you're going to teach me everything?" she asked, as though she believed that he could never handle it. Andrew nodded shyly. Her face was inches from his. Hanna broke out into a smile again and shook Andrew's hand vigorously. "Then I'll blame you if anything goes wrong."


How much more could go wrong? 'I'm sorry', Andrew mentally whispered, sure that Hanna could hear him; 'You've got every right to blame me.'

Andrew snapped out of his thoughts when he realized that Aaron was talking to him. "God Andrew, what were you thinking?" Andrew turned to face him, frowning.

"What do you mean, what was thinking? What were you thinking?" Andrew lost his composure, jumping to his feet angrily, "Personally, I was thinking that a few people had just killed my best friend and the Emily was next to go. Plus, you were there and I assumed they would try to get you too. Not only that, but these people have been screwing with me ever since they found you that YOU are my dad! And, that wench was in on the whole thing, including the deaths of all of us! I try to kill her, and you have the gall to ask what I was thinking? What the hell is wrong with you?" Andrew paused.

"I'm sorry that I get emotional when people close to me are killed!" he continued, ignoring the lethal warning glare Aaron was giving, telling him that he had gone far enough. He wanted to get this off his chest. "I'm sorry that I just can't abandon who is left and leave them to die while I just sit around in my dark apartment hiding from-"

Andrew was cut off when Aaron jumped up and forcefully backhanded him across the face. He grabbed his throbbing cheek, glaring fiercly at Aaron. Andrew refused to apologize. Instead, he just held back the burning tears in his eyes and disappeared, leaving the enraged Aaron alone.