The Storm

The Storm

The car skidded on the wet road. Tree branches were strewn all over the place. Even with the headlights on full she could barely see where she was going. Rain pounded heavily down. Lightning and thunder brightened the dark night sky. Every time lightning struck it cast an evil shadow on the woods.

The person in the passenger seat was shouting and screaming, pleading with the woman to his side.

"Please let me go. I'm sorry. Look just stop the car and let me go. I won't tell anyone about what I saw," He knew it was useless. This woman was beautiful, so innocent, so perfect. Even now her brown eyes were shining in the black, dreary night. Her light brown hair framed her angelic face. She really was, as her name suggests, like a goddess. But he knew her heart and soul were as dark as the hair on his blood soaked head.

If he could turn back time he would never've gone to her house. He would never've gone inside her house and put blood red roses in every room. He would never've gone into that little room next to her bedroom. What he saw was petrifying. He had screamed and dropped the flowers and ran. From what he could remember he was almost out the door when he ran into her. He had stopped dead in his tracks.

"Hello Davey. What were you doing in there my love?" Her voice wasn't the normal soft and harmonious one. There was a note of danger in it this time. Then suddenly out of nowhere she struck him. He had felt himself slipping into unconsciousness. The next thing he remembered, he was in a car being driven through the woods.

His dark and sorrowful thoughts were interrupted by another crack of lightning. He saw for the first time a flash of metal. The lightning cast, for that split second, an eerie glint on the steal. He screamed. He tried the door again. It was no use. She had locked them. He heard an evil laugh. It burned his ears. She was glaring at him.

The car stopped abruptly. She pushed him outside and got out too. He saw the knife clutched firmly in her right hand. The next few minutes seemed like years.

Aphrodite regarded the shivering, terrified mass at her feet. She smiled. She wiped her soaking hair from her eyes. David was almost in tears she thought to herself happily. Yet another flash of lightning illuminated the night sky. For the first time they could assess their surroundings. She noted that there was no way out. No way to escape. While David was still dazzled by the flash of lightning being so near, Aphrodite struck him.

The sharp edge of the slightly blunted knife caught him just below his shoulder. Pain consumed him from the shoulder up. He felt the coldness of the knife dig into his side. This time he felt nothing but numbness and the horrible realisation that his end was near.

"Please Aphrodite. I'm sorry. LET ME GO!" David was well aware of the hot tears that were seeping from his sad and blood blurred eyes. But he was well past caring. Aphrodite smiled at him seemingly amused by what he had just said. With no emotion at all she said, "Why would I do that Davey? I'm having so much fun," His head was throbbing and the pounding rain and rumbling thunder weren't making it any better. He could only just hear her taunting voice over his own raging headache.

He suddenly felt a terrible feeling like someone had just shot hot, sharp needles into his heart. But the thing that pained him more was that when he looked down he saw the knife protruding from his body. This time he felt the pain all too well. He curled up into a ball as a form of protection. It did no good. His life ended swiftly with one last stabbing pain surging form his neck. Then finally the lightning, rain and pounding thunder subsided into eternal darkness…

Aphrodite woke up late the next morning. She awoke to the sound of Westlife pounding from her radio. She studied her dark blue room. Her blood soaked, sopping wet clothes were still where she had flung them after last nights little "incident." It was a shame it had to end that way; she had really liked him. He was so handsome. Black hair and the most beautiful, dazzling green eyes. Even after she had killed him his eyes still shone, creating their own brilliant light. Though they deteriorated as fast as his love for her had. She smiled despite herself and walked over to her window. She drew the curtains and was momentarily shocked and disturbed by the dark, dank mist that seemed intent on stifling everything in its path. She was forced to shut her eyes and look away. She wandered over to her wardrobe next to her bed and took out her work clothes.

As the door of her terrace house slammed shut and Aphrodite strolled to work, she saw a police car zooming down the road in the direction of the woods.

"AAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!" Howard's scream echoed in the woods. The trees vibrated with the sound of his shrill terror stricken screech. He hadn't seen anything quite so horrible in his life. Right before his eyes, soaked in rain and blood, were the remains of a body. At first it looked as though savage beasts had attacked it but as he peered closer he saw where a knife had slit the throat. Or so he surmised. He was forced to look away. He felt sick.

Rain trickled off the leaves of the big trees surrounding them. Howard wasn't going to go for his daily walk through the woods today because of last night's fantastic storm but something deep inside his soul told him he should. So earlier this morning he had put on his warm winter clothes and his walking boots and had set off into the woods.

As he stared into the man's eyes he could feel rain starting to fall steadily from the heavens. Howard felt like weeping. He felt like screaming and running too. Neither of these things he did though. For long minutes he stood and stared at the thing at his wet feet. He stared until he could no longer. Who would do such a thing to this poor young soul? He cursed the world for its injustice. Finally he managed to wrench himself away from the spot, his old bones unwillingly at first. When he was free he ran to his house and called the police.

Then, once again, he returned to the damned and wretched sight. There he gazed once more upon the lifeless young man before him and fell to his knees. He was weeping violently now. His heart grieved and yet another anguished and bereaved cry escaped from his dry, cracked lips. His knees sunk into the mud and leaves surrounding the mangled body. He placed his head in his hands and sobbed bitterly, the soft rain caressing his face.

He knew who this boy was.

The police cars were flying down the wet streets. The intense fog and soft rain weren't making it easy. They eventually come to the scene of the crime where they found an old man bent over in the mud crying next to a young, quite obviously dead, man.

They were quick to react and ran swiftly to the scene of the crime. Once they had secured the area they began asking the old man some questions. As it turned out the old man knew the victim as the son of his recently deceased friend. The young man's name was David Watts and he worked at the garage down the road. There was little more they could understand of Howard's incoherent babbling. But they reassured him and told him to go home and have a rest for a while.

Aphrodite was quite unaware of what was happening at the woods while she was serving the good customers at Pizza Hut. She in fact wasn't thinking much. She had no idea that at that very moment in time the police were starting a full-scale investigation into this case. It was the fifth victim in less than three months. No, Aphrodite was blissfully unaware of it all. She wiped the sweat from her brow and swiftly strolled out of the kitchen and headed towards table 5.

There were two girls and a boy sitting there talking and laughing. They looked about fifteen though it was hard to tell with girls since they were wearing so much make up. One of the girls had wavy blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes, which were fixed intently upon the boy. She was wearing an exceedingly short skirt that clung uncomfortably to her legs and a tight fitting top. This was obviously to impress the boy noted Aphrodite with faint amusement. The boy was talking continually and laughing hysterically every now and again. Each time he smiled dimples appeared on either side of his cheeks. When this happened the blonde haired girl's eyes lit up admiringly. The boy had deeply tanned skin and quite a beautiful exotic look about him. He had dark brown eyes that seemed to light up his entire face. He was wearing jeans and a Nike T-shirt. The other girl had fiery red hair that snaked its way down to her hips. She had emerald eyes that reminded Aphrodite so much of David. She too was wearing a ridiculous amount of make up that spoilt her naturally pretty face. She also wore a skirt with an incredibly revealing halter-top.

Jake, Claire and Colby stopped talking abruptly when Aphrodite came closer. Jake's eyes almost immediately ceased looking at Colby's short halter-top and went to this beautiful waitress.

"Are you ready to order?" said Aphrodite in her normal cheery, harmonious voice. She was well aware of them all staring at her, especially the boy. She loved the attention.

"Yes!" shouted Jake excitedly, "I'll have this and a coke. Thanks.. " He squinted at her name tag "…Aphrodite" He beamed at her, she smiled back. Claire shot a jealous and irritated glare at Aphrodite and then said, almost spitting out the words, "I want this," she pointed to her menu.

"Certainly" said Aphrodite as sarcastically and patronisingly as possible. Then in her normal voice, "And you miss?"

"I'll have the same as Jake please. Oh and I'll have another lemonade. Thanks," Colby shook her red hair behind her back and flashed Jake a smile. Aphrodite was rather taken a back by this girl's politeness. She smiled to herself. "Would that be all?"

"You have a lovely name. What does it mean? My name's Jake. We've just been to see a movie. It was good. Do you like movies? How old are you? I'm…" Jake's voice trailed off. He was annoyed because he knew he was making himself look like a fool. Aphrodite giggled. "Pleased to meet you Jake. And I think I'm too old for you. Sorry," She flashed him a charming and mesmerising smile. She flipped on her heels and disappeared.

Aphrodite and her best friend Thom walked towards Aphrodite's house. Thom had never been there before because normally they went to his house and watched videos and gossiped. But they couldn't today since his VCR had broken after it accidentally threw itself off the stairs. The sun was setting casting brilliant colours of deepest ruby reds, golden oranges and delicate purples in the horizon. A gentle breeze ruffled Aphrodite's soft brown hair

"You know Aphy I've never ever been down here before! It makes a nice change. I think Aaron and John are getting a bit fed up of our taste in movies. They are such little scaredy cat. They don't even like The Exorcist!" Thom smiled. As he smiled his blue eyes glimmered in the gathering gloom of the darkening night.

"Aaron's alright," stated Aphrodite smiling back, "John's the one who annoys me!"

Twenty minutes later they were in her house eating popcorn and watching Hellraiser 2 again. They sat in the dark, horribly entertained by the gruesome scenes that were flickering across the T.V. After it was finished they sat totally submersed in waves of darkness chatting and laughing.

"..Yeah and she thought I was being serious can you believe that?" Thom chuckled in his usual girlie fashion "And so in the end I told her it was only a joke and that I really worked as a cook in Pizza Hut! She hasn't spoken to me since!" he broke into fits of uncontrollable laughter.

"You're cruel. The poor girl. So whatcha gonna do about it then?" Aphrodite managed to say in between laughing.

"Oh you know me Aphy. I'll just leave her alone. Oh I'm busting. Is it all right if I use your loo please?" Thom stood up, shook his long blondie-black hair from his pale skin, his blue eyes searching for the light switch. Aphrodite smiled again "Yeah it's just down that hallway. It's the first door on the left. Don't be long. I've got something to show you when you come out" she smiled sweetly.

As Thom shut the door his thoughts began to race, "Oh my God she's beautiful," he pondered with awe. His eyes had never gazed upon such perpetual beauty. Her brown eyes forever shimmering with perfection and love. Thom knew he could never love this woman, he'd rather cocoon himself in eternal lust. He wondered what surprise might be in store. He hurriedly went to the toilet and washed his hands.

"C'mon I'm dying to know what the surprise is!" He gazed deeply into her eyes. She smiled once more and beckoned him nearer using the gift of the finger.

"Follow me Tommy!" Rain was pounding on the rooftops and trickling down the gutters. She slowly, purposely led him down a dark corridor. She held a candle to light the way and to add atmosphere. She'd been planning this for months. Lightning forked its way though the cloudless sky. "This way. C'mon it's just in here. Look Thom. Look at what I've done. Aren't I clever?" She laughed, tossing back her head, letting her hair swing absently by her waist. She dramatically flung the door open. Thom peered inside.

His forever laughing, smiling eyes dimmed, his face grew paler still, the effervescence in his voice and his heart faded into confusion maybe even hatred. The image in front of his sorry eyes would forever torment and haunt his nightmares. The vision and the realisation of what the wretched vision meant was like someone was impaling him with sharp, frozen skewers. The pain was so unbearable, so repugnant, and so despicable it tore him apart. Each second his eyes regarded this damned room another piece of his heart and soul were torn ferociously from him sparing him no mercy or forgiveness. The room was lit by a red light that seemed to emanate from behind a screen in the corner of the room. Everywhere in the room there were pictures of mangled bodies and scattered about the walls and floor were various implements of severe torture. Right in front of him was a blown up picture of David. There were jars of what looked suspiciously like blood and there were newspaper clippings about murder and grotesque pictures of cannibals and dismembered bodies. Literally the things of your nightmares lived in this room of pestilence, squalor and distaste.

Two thoughts surged urgently through his brain. The first was, "I'm such a fool. This woman is no goddess. She is a monster. A sick perverted psychopath." The other was, "For The Love Of God!! I've got to get out of this hellhole. I must find a phone and ring the police."

" I don't believe what I'm seeing Aphrodite. You sick weirdo. How could you do that to David? He loved you. Something you know nothing about. Get away from me. Never come near me again!" Thom screeched. He turned and ran for the door.

"You disappoint me Thom. I thought you'd like my work. I thought it was well done. I hoped you would too. I didn't want to have to kill you too," she flung a knife at his head. He ducked. Got to his feet again and ran for her. He leaped on her and knocked her to the ground. Before he could punch her she stuck a spike into his muscular leg. He screamed and smacked her. Aphrodite cackled. Lightning flashed outside.

As Thom was removing the spike from his leg she plunged another into his stomach. He was now losing an awful lot of blood and being a haemophiliac didn't help. His ripped the spike from his leg and stuck her in the arm. She screamed. He got to his feet and staggered towards the door as knives and various other sharp objects flew erratically past him.

Finally he was outside. He spotted a phone box about a metre down the road. He fell down the stairs and landed in a puddle of ice cold water. The bitter coldness bit into his skin. He could hear Aphrodite screaming his name and hurling random abusive insults and threats at him. For long moments he lay dazed and disorientated. He got wearily to his feet. His vision was blurred. Slowly, too slowly, he stumbled down the wet, deserted street. Eventually he got to the phone box and dialled 999. "HELP ME! HELP ME PLEASE! I'M AT STAPLEY ROAD. NUMBER 56. HURRY I NEED THE POLICE AND AN AMBULANCE," a strong hand gripped his shoulder, her long nails penetrated his flesh. "HURRY UP! SHE'S GONNA KILL ME. I DON'T WANT TO DIE LIKE DAVID. YOU'VE GOT TO SAVE ME," his voice was shrill, sharp and scared. His scream echoed in the phone box. She laughed. He shot her a determined and valiant glance. He wasn't going to let her get away with this. Aphrodite regarded him coldly. Rain sloshed around them as if waiting to devour them both. With the last of his strength he punched her, knocking her out cold. She fell into the gutter. The water quickly claimed it's newest victim. Biting her with invisible, ice cold and incredibly sharp teeth. With his last dying breath he explained to the person on the phone, "Her name is Aphrodite Kohli. Search her house. You'll see that she killed David and me and the other four." With that his short but happy life ended.