~They say~

They say yesterday is yesterday, and tomorrow is anew,
that the moon is always silver, and the sky is always blue.
But what does it mean, when the moon shines gold,
And everythings different, then what I was told.
Suddenly the red turned blue, and the purple grey,
suddenly all my words were lost, forgot what to say
They say that I'll get over it, it's just a little phase,
But how could such a simple thing, last for so many days.
No one seems to know, no one seems to see,
what has changed,
has rearanged,
except me
The days drone on living on what I can
Reasoning on why I should get up again
it's always there, when I wake up every day,
Eventually it will all seem natural, or at least, they say.

What happens when the sky turns grey and things aren't the same,
and somethings always out there, and it's calling out my name.
Things are different in my eyes and I don't know why,
My mind seems to wonder more and time seems to fly by.
And I don't know why I'm not as scared as I should be,
Maybe I am and just don't know, or maybe there's something that I don't see.
All these thoughts and confusion in my head,
I'm just paranoid,it's just me, they say, they said.
They say that it's all meant to be, a reason everywhere,
that life has it's purposed ails, all is to be fair.
I try to reason, I try to know, I try to understand,
but I don't think I ever will, without a, helping hand.
Da da la da da dada la da da da....la la la la...la...la,la,la,la
Eventually it will all come natural, or at least, I say.