By:Andrew Troy Keller

As long as I could remember,there was always one particular rule that each and every officer in the City of Cleveland Police Department should never break.
That rule is that no matter how attractive you find your partner,you should never fall in love with your fellow officers.
Of course,I had found out about forgetting about that rule the hard way,for on Friday,October 11th,I've received a new partner,Officer Alison Nimoy.
At first,we were each acting like any other patrolofficer on a routine beat.
But then,about two weeks later,we had raided an illegal porn-movie studio and Alison and I had volunteered to handle the evidence.
After we had popped one of the porn-tapes into the VCR,we've started watching it.
Suddenly,halfway through our viewing,a certain type of warmth had came over Alison,causing her to unbotton the first three bottons on her uniform shirt and allowing her hair to fall on to her shoulders.
Normally,we would've forgotten about it and continued with our work.
But instead,we've looked at each other and I've began to notice how incredibly beautiful she really is.
And then,after I've sat down next to her,I've undone the rest of the bottons on her shirt and started to caress her chest and back.
And just after I've moved my lips closer to hers,Alison said,"Martin,I don't think we should really be doing this.You see,I'm afraid that we might get caught and...!"
"Whoa!Hey-hey!Take it easy,Ali.",I've said,after I've placed a gentle finger on her lips."We'll worry about it later.Just relax...and enjoy it."
And with that,while we were kissing each other ever so passionately,my hands were free to touch and caress each and every part of her body.
And when we've looked at each other once more,we had suddenly realized that we've fallen in love with each other--and if there was a rule that says that it should never happen,then to Hell with it.
And so,after we were through with 'viewing' the first tape and popped the second one in,Alison had looked at me and smiled,while she had removed her shirt and her bra.
"Oh,Martin.I want to be crazy.",said Alison,after she had pressed her body close to mine."Do you want to be crazy?"
"Believe me,Ali.",I've answered,while removing my shirt and allowed my bare chest to be shown."I really do want to be crazy."
And with that,while we were kissing and embracing each other,I've unzipped her pants and placed my hand inside them,in order to caress the lower portions of her body.
But then,while we were still in our passionate embrace,the evidence room door had opened,allowing our desk sergeant,Ralph Hogan to walk in and spot us breaking the unbroken rule.
Of course,he had gone and reported it to Captain Stoner.
And after the Captain had heard Ralph's report on our little love romp,he had ordered us to report to his office on the double.
As soon as we've reported to his office,the Captain had looked at us and said,"Officer Alison Nimoy.Officer Martin Riker.Is what I've heard from Sergeant Hogan true?"
The only answer that we've gave him was a slient nod and a shameful lowering of our heads.
And then,after he had took a deep breath,our soon-to-be former boss had demanded our guns and shields,because we were being kicked off the force.
Now,I know that it was wrong of us to have broken that particular rule.
But after that little stunt that had us kicked off the force,we've suddenly realized that we were meant to be together in more ways than one.
And so,on Friday,November 8th,we've got married and became Mr. and Mrs. Martin Riker.
A few days after the honeymoon,we've gotten started on our first novel about forbidden love inside a police precinct house.
If you want a copy,just go to your nearest Waldenbooks store and look for a novel written by Rick Morgan--which of course just happens to be our pen-name.