Segment One: "The Game"

Type: Incest

Characters: Brother/Sister

A/N: Don't force yourself to read this.  FI you don't like it don't read it.

It was a Wednesday afternoon, precisely five o'clock.  Most teens were either outside fooling around with their friends or out seeing a movie or eating, but Dan usually spent his time at home watching TV or playing video games, which he always does.  He was about, as normal as any fifth teen year old, just didn't really play any sports or anything.  Sports weren't really that interesting to him unless they were played on a video game system.  He mostly spent his time inside the house just playing games all day long.  It would have to take his parents to actually drag him out of the house once in awhile away from his game system.  His sister, Crystal, didn't really see why it was so important.  Video games weren't the greatest things in the world.  She didn't know why guys played them anyway.  She was a girl and also a cheerleader so she really didn't understand her brother, even if she was two years older than he was.  She had to come home early today since her parents went out to go to some friend's house warming party so she had to come from cheerleading practice.

"Mm, at least I got to leave early."  She said to herself as she turned a corner of the sidewalk and walked down a stretching sidewalk with houses lined up.  She was dressed her cheerleading attire.  A small green top that had white trimming around the bottom of the shirt and the sleeveless opening wrapped around her ample chest and a short green shirt that came up to her slender thighs, which showed off her bare mid-drift.  She carried her gym bag that held her other clothes inside of it and some other things.  She brushed her long, wavy blonde hair back behind her ear as she walked down the sidewalk and then turned going down the footpath going to a two-story house that had a flower bed in the front.  She walked up to the front door and turned the knob.  The door was opened of course.

"I knew Dan couldn't even lock the door.  Anyone can just walk in…" She mumbled to herself as she pushed the door opened and walked in and closed it behind her. She yawned slightly and stretched her arms.  Her top sliding up a little as she stretched, he tugged it back down and walked into the kitchen to take a bottle of mineral water out of the fridge.  She then decided to go check on her brother, but she already knows what he's doing.  She walked out of the kitchen and upstairs going down the hallway, going to her brother's room.  She peeked in and looked around.  Yep, just where she thought he would be.

"I knew it."  She said to herself as she slipped inside of his room and put her gym bag on the floor.

Dan was sitting in front of his television with a PS2 controller in his hand with his fingers moving back and forth to different buttons as he stared at the screen.  He blew his breath blowing some of his brown strands of hair that were dyed with blonde at the tips of them out of the way.  He was dressed in a plain white T-shirt and wearing some baggy shorts.

"Hey, Dan.  Dan?  Hello, will you say something?"  Crystal said trying to get his attention but he didn't notice her since he was so absorbed in the video game.  She frowned a little bit, before she walked over to him placing the cold water bottle against his cheek making him jump.

"Hey, that's cold!  What was that for?"  He said pausing the game and looking up at his sister.

"Well, I had to do something to get you attention."  She said as she sat down next to him and looked at the screen, "I don't know why you play these games."

"Whatever.  And besides, it's more interesting than doing anything else.  Kind of like your cheerleading."  He said unpausing the game and going back to playing it.

"Hey, I happen to like cheerleading and it's better than what you do all day."  She looked at him and noticed he wasn't really paying attention to her.  She pouted a little and leaned back against the bed.

I don't know why games can be more interesting than listening to me.

She looked at him and thought for a moment and smiled a little getting an idea, which would sure enough get him from playing that game.

She plucked the control out of his hands and paused the game.

"What was that for?  Give me the controller Crystal."  Her brother said as he reached his hand over to her.

She pulled it away from his reach, "I'll give it back, just let me play it for awhile…I want to see why you play these."  She said.

He looked at her with a quirking eyebrow; "You play a game?  That should be something to see.  Well, fine.  Go ahead then, just give it back."  He said leaning back.

"Hehe…ok.  She then moved over to him and sat down in his lap, her knees on each side of his legs as she sat down.

"Hey get off."

"No, besides I can't see from over there."  She leaned against him as she looked at the screen and unpaused the game.  A simple 'whatever' came from Dan as he shifted in discomfort of his sister sitting in his lap, and there was a reason for that too.  Crystal moved the controller around a little and pressed the buttons as she was playing this skate boarding game, she was actually interested in this too.  The game was actually kind of fun and stimulating.  She rocked back and forth in his lap as she played the game; he was experiencing much discomfort inside of his shorts.  Sweat lightly ran down the side of his face, his hormones seemed to just be getting stimulated now as his sister continued to move around in his lap.  He could feel his shorts getting less roomy as he hardens.  The bulge in his shorts pressing against his shorts tightly.  She then started to bounce up and down in his lap.

"Look at that!  I actually like this game."  She said, she stopped her bouncing as her brother took hold of her hips and held her on his lap.

"D-don't do that."  He said with a slight stutter.

"Hm, why not?"  She said as she paused the game and leaned back against him.

"It's just…I'm just not comfortable."  He said, as he tried to move off from under her.

"Oh really?  Do you want me to make you more comfortable?" She said as she put her hands over his and brought them over to rest on her inner thigh.  She moving his hands as they moved up and down her soft skin.  Dan groaned a little, he trying to fight off this growing sensation that was building up inside him but couldn't.

"Don't…" He managed to say as he breathed heavily. "T-this is wrong…I can't…"

"Hmm? Why?"  She interrupted him as she took his right hand and let it run up her inner thigh, leading it up and down slowly until it reached her warm pantied crotch.  His muscles tensed up tightly as he felt his hand cupping over clothed sex, with her hand over his.  His face turned a shade of red as his body temperature rise.  His hand tightened on her crotch, she gave a bit of slight moan as he did this.  She then moved his hand letting it slip underneath her cotton white panties.

"Ah, god…" He groaned out as he felt his hand make contact with her warm sensitive spot that felt bare and soft.  His fingers then started to rub against the warm folds of her sex and then rubbing them back and forth.  He could feel them slowly starting to get moist as he continued rubbing them.

"Mm, go deeper."  She said groaning as her hand was still underneath the fabric of her cotton panties on top of his, she pushed his hand down deeper into the back of her moist panties until he would reach that wet opening.

  Dan never experienced anything like this with a girl.  He always wanted to though, but he never thought his first would be with his sister.  His fingers dug down deeper into her panties until he found the source from where the wetness was coming from.  His index finger wedged between her moist warm folds until it pressed against the entrance of her leaking sex.   He shuddered at the feeling and gasped as his sister took his moist finger and pushed his finger up through the moist swelled opening. He could feel his finger brushing and poking against the tender, soft wet walls of flesh.  He gasped out, his eyes opening and widening from this unusual, but arousing feeling as he touched at her inner flesh.

"Uh, ugh…oh god.  Crystal…" He muffled his words as he leaned in against her shoulder with his mouth against her shoulder blade as he breathed violently.  She moaned in pleasure and guided his finger as it moved back and forth in a stroking motion as he 0fingered his sister's throbbing sex.  She then removed her hand, letting it slip out from underneath the fabric slowly and let him explore her on his own now.  He murmured under his breath, he breathing hotly on the back of Crystal's neck making it moist.  His fingers could be outlined through the fabric of her panties as it moved about and moved back and forth against her wet pussy.  He continued doing this for eight minutes; he could feel some sticky moistness over his hand now and more of it dripping out of from her swelled sex.

"Ah, yes.  Mm…" Crystal moaned out as he kept rubbing against her warm pussy that was covered in her sticky juices and sweat.  Then as if it had a mind of its own, his free hand then moved up to her pert chest slowly, his fingers tracing the roundness of them and pinching them between his fingers.  She groaned in pleasure and then stopped as he kept pushing his finger in and out of her damp entrance and rubbing his hand against the warm flesh of her clit.

I think I got him more interested now.  Guess that finishes it.

She then lifted her hand up and took his wrist and slipped his hand out of her panties, his fingers wet and smelling of her body fluids.  His hand slid off her chest as she then stood up and looked down at him her panties were wet all around her crotch showing dark spots on them, "I think I made you comfortable enough now.  Mom and dad are going to come home soon.  You can go back to playing your game now."  She said as she started to get up out of his lap and stand up.  She looked down at her brother who was breathing heavily and had a red face, his fingers covered in her warm bodily fluid.  He then leaned up pulling her down by the arms and back into his lap.

"Mom and dad won't be back for another hour.  Besides, I want to play with you now."  He said, as his nose brushed against her neck and kissing over it.  She blinked a little, not really expecting that.  He must have enjoyed it more than she thought he would.  She smiled at him and then she leaned down brushing her lips against his in a tease.  Dan breathed was short and heavy as her soft lips brushed against his own.  She loved teasing him like this; her tip of her tongue tapped his bottom lip and then slid to each corner of his mouth back and forth.  After awhile she pressed them into a firm lukewarm kiss, the tip of her tongue tracing his lips and slowly slipping between his lips.  Her tongue slithered over his and rubbing warm salvia against it.  Her brother breathed heavily in to her mouth and groaned lowly, he could hardly control his actions anymore.  His hands came up behind her slipping under her skirt and grasping her plush rear and squeezing it roughly.  He moved his tongue along with hers deepening the kiss.  She could feel the large bulge in his shorts that was poking into her thigh.  She pulled her lips away from his and turned and sat facing him with her legs on each side of him now, her hands working their way down from his chest to the growing bulge in his baggy shorts.  Her hands pressed against the hardening bulge in his shorts, her hands working at it as her hands pushed it back and forth and moved it around in circles.  As soon as Crystal broke away from the kiss, Dan gasped for some air and then groaned deeply.  She smirked a little and then pulled the zipper slowly down and opened his shorts.  Her hand slip inside and down against his boxers, where her hand slipped in the opening slit hole in his boxers.  He then felt her hand grasped around his hard throbbing member, her soft hand brushing down against the rough skin.  The feeling was amazing and so indescribable.

"Ahh! Oh, shit…" He moaned out loudly and squirmed under her touch as her hand squeezed his harden penis in her hand.  She smirked and tugged his shorts down until the reached his ankles, bringing his harden cock out of their confinement as it stood out of his boxers.  She looked at her brother's harden member, it looked like it was about seven inches.  It was thick and harden to its fullest, veins running down from the base to the head of his cock.

"How about I just play with you?"  She said, as she reached over to her gym bag opening it and pulling out a small jar of vaseline.  She always carried some with her when she went to cheerleading practice to grease her legs up.  She opened it, dipping her hand in the warm substance and pulling it out, it covered it the warm secretion.  Her hand then rubbed the vaseline over his hard cock, lubing it.  Her fingers running up and down his stiff member; the vaseline giving his cock a glossy coating.  Dan arched his back as his sister hand moved over his thick member; he opened his mouth moaning out loudly.

"Uh, ugh…don't stop."  He said, he almost whimpering as he pushed up into her hands

"Oh don't worry.  I won't."  She said as her hand pumped up and down his slick hard member now, she kept doing this for about five minutes.  Her hand pumping faster up and down his slick member; the vaseline coating over his cock heated from the fast motions of her hand, which heated his stiffened member.  Pre-fluid leaked out from the top of his cock as she kept stimulating him more, he felt so close to a climax now but he wanted to release inside of her mouth.  After awhile she slowed down to a stop and removed her hand from his hot glossy member.  She looked over to him as he breathed violently and had his eyes closed.  She leaned over kissing his lips and then pulled back.

Dan spoke between breaths, "God sis, I want to be in your mouth. Please, ugh…"

"Mm, anything you say little brother."  She whispered to him before she leaned down to his lap, her tongue slipping between his lips and licking the mushroom head of his cock.  Her tongue licked around the top the had and worked it's way down to the base of his hard member and then back up.  It explored all around his throbbing member for a good bit, her pink organ wetting and moistening his glossy member.  She was just teasing him, but not too much.  She only chuckled a little before she parted her soft pink lips and pressed them against the mushroom tip of his cock, she slowly started to suckle back on it, the tip of her tongue working itself against his prick hole.  Small drops of pre-cum dripped over her tongue as she extracted more of his pre-fluid.

"AHH!" He gritted his teeth and grasped at his bed sheet behind him and tugging it, he yelping out in pleasure, his back arching against the front of his bed.  Her actions then stopped, Dan gave a heavy sigh of relief as she finally stopped, but she was far from over now.  She slid her mouth down his slick, hard member until it reached the base.  Dan eyes opened widely and he yelled out from the wet and warmth sensation her mouth gave to his cock.  He took his hands and grabbed the back of her head holding it and bearing down on it some.

"Oh, god!  Please don't stop…" He groaned as he held her head in his lap, he shutting his eyes moaning as he felt her lips tighten on his moist hard member and started to suckle on it slowly.  Her tongue licked and dabbed at the moist skin.  Her head then lifted up slowly and then back down as she kept sucking on her brother's hard penis.  He groaned not sure if he could hold back the boiling sensation that was boiling up in his tightening, heavy sac.  His hand lifted and pushed her head up and down continuously making her head bob faster on his cock.  Drool leaked from her mouth as she was being led faster upon his throbbing member, her lips tightened more as she sucked her brother's dick harder.  This continued for at least three to four minutes.  Crystal's mouth was slightly sore from all the continuos sucking, and then finally it came.  Her brother cried out loudly in pleasure holding her head down against his lap, a thick warm secretion flowed freely from his cock as he discharged into her mouth.  The fluid sticking to her tongue and the sides of her mouth as it ran slowly down her throat.  Dan breathed heavily as he stopped finally, a few spurts coming out as he pulled out of her mouth and getting on her chin.  His cock going limp a little as it was covered with spit, drool, and his own bodily fluid.  He gave a long sigh of relief as looked down as his sister, he watching her lick cum off the corner of her mouth.  Crystal lifted herself up, she smirking a little at him she leaned up pressing her lips against his kissing him tenderly with her slightly sticky lips.

"How did that feel?"  She whispered into his mouth pulling back.

"Uh, god…it felt so…it was just amazing."  He groaned a little and kissed her back.

"Good, because we're getting to the good part of the game now." She said teasingly as she whispered in his ear.  She then got up and stood in front of him, her skirt brushing against his forehead.  She lifted her skirt up to her waistline, the large damp spot in her panties pretty visible also.  Her hand ran over the waistband of her panties and then pulled them slowly down to her knees, where they just dropped down to her feet.  She stepped out of them kicking them over into the corner.  Dan stared up at his sister's bare wet cunt almost in a trance; it just looked so wanting and delicious to him.  He couldn't help himself now, he grabbed her by her hips and brought her down and positioned her against his face.  His nose buried itself between her moist folds rubbing up and down between them, his tongue dabbed and licked at moist opened pink sex.  He took in the sweet smells that her clit gave off, his mouth cupped over her moist opening and suckled on the mound of flesh hungrily.  His tongue gave solid, long strokes to her swelled clit, the tip of his tongue rubbing against the small ball like structure of the clitoris.  Crystal moaned out in pleasure, her body only shaking a little bit from her brother's licking.  Her fingers pinched and tangled themselves in his hair as she pushed down against his mouth letting him slip into that deep into that sensitive spot, enjoying the pleasure he was giving her.  After four minutes of this mutual pleasure, he could feel a warm light liquid flow into his mouth; he lapped it up quickly with his tongue and swallowed it.  He enjoyed the sweet taste of his sister's essences.  She pulled herself off of him and lowered herself into his lap.  She breathing a little short of breath a little, but quietly.  Fingers slipped under her small top and lifting it up slowly off of her chest and over her head, her firm, round perky breasts falling from her top, they giving a light bounce.  He stared intently at them, they were so perfect.  He then moaned all of a sudden, he felt his cock wedged between her moist folds.  He hardens quickly from the moist touch. 

Crystal leaned over and whispered in his ear, "Here's the best part of the game, now."

She got up just a bit; just kneeling above his lap as she turned around so her back was facing him.  Her hand reached under her and wrapped her hand around her brother's thick member and positioned in upright as she lowered herself down on it.  He could feel the tip of the head press open her folds slowly and spread her wet clit opened, his eyes seem to roll back as he shut his eyes and gave a loud pleasurable groan.  His thick cock slipped in inch by inch into her swollen pussy; with out warning she pushed herself all the way down to the base of his cock.  Dan gave out gasped and grasped her hips squeezing them trying to control his climax that waiting to burst out then and there.

"Mm, yes." Crystal moaned, as she rocked herself back and forth as he was inserted inside of her tightly.  Her walls contracted and squeezed his stiff dick, binding it.  Dan moaned louder, his hands guiding her hips as they rocked back and forth.  Her hand then reached down below the base of his cock and started to fondle his heavy, tightening balls.  Grasping them in her hand, she squeezed and massaged them, she letting them roll against the palm of her hand as she added pressure to them.  Her brother yelped out, sweat running down his face, along with the rest of his torso.  His hands squeezed her hips and then started to guide them into an up and down motion.  She then started to move up and down on him freely now, his cock appearing and disappearing as it slid in and out of her tight clit.

"Oh, god yes.  So, tight."  He bit his lower lip groaning.  His hands moving from her hips and moving to the front of her body moving to her chest where his hands cupped her full, firm breasts, thumbs rubbing over her harden pink nipples and then pinching them.  He started to push up inside of her and pull out, giving long brush strokes inside of her.

Crystal moaned out loudly in pleasure, "Mm, yes.  Dan, please fuck me…" Her hand squeezed his tightened balls firmly.  Dan's hold on her breast's became firm and hard as he tightened his hold on them.  He felt this sudden rush of adrenaline surge through his whole body now as those words left her mouth.  He held her close to his body, he then thrusting up into her hard and deep with a firm stroke.  Crystal cried out loudly in some pain, but really in pleasure.  He continued his vigorous assault to her swollen cunt.  His thick cock throbbed inside of her as her walls contracted once more and tightened around his stiff member.  His strokes were firm and fast now, his sister bounced up and down in his lap moaning in pleasure and pleading him to come inside of her.  Her perky breasts bounced wildly in his hands as he held them firmly.

"AHH! Fuck, I'm going to come inside you!"  Dan yelled out as he thrusts harder inside of her faster.  Both of their bodies were hot and covered in a heavy sweat.  Crystal couldn't hold it back anymore now; both hands clasped his full sac and squeezed them firm and hard, they turning a red color as she screamed out, as she climaxed.  As soon as he felt the warm sticky liquid running form her, she yelped out loudly, he thrusts up one last time into her and deep as the head of his cock touch that g-spot.  He held her down firmly as he came inside of her.  Gushes of sticky semen bursting through her and colliding with her own bodily fluid.  It ran over the mushroom head of his member and slowly ran down his sweaty, sticky dick.  The fluid dripped out slowly and down over her hand and over his swollen balls.  They were both tired and covered in sweat.  Crystal leaned back tiredly, her hand massaging his swollen sac tenderly as her chest heaved up and down.  Dan groaned lowly, he breathing shallowly a little.  His hands ran over her sweat breasts, he moving the soft mound of flesh about in his hand.  He gave a few more strokes inside of her before he pulled out of her with a wet pop.  She moaned a bit as he pulled out of her, his cock going limp now.  She sat in his lap, his cock limped down.  His cock was sticky and wet and covered with mixed semen.  Her hand ran over it a little, wiping some of it off and then licking it off her hand a little.

"Oh, god…" Dan groaned into her ear, his body tired beyond belief now.

Crystal turned around to face her brother, she leaning against him with her breasts pressing into his chest and her head resting on his shoulder, she whispering into his ear, "Wasn't that better than any game you played?"

He nodded and tilted his head back, "Yea, it was way better than anything I would ever play."

"Good.  Mm…" She stretched a little bit and yawned tiredly.

"And you know what?"  He asked as he looked at her.

"What?"  She leaned her head up a little looking at him.

He then pushed her down on the floor and got over her he looking down at her as she stared up at him.

"There's no pause button on this game.  And I'm ready to play again."

Next Segment Two.

I wasn't so sure about this first segment.  I think I made it a little too long.  This is actually the first time I wrote something like this.  Every segment will be different.  There will probably be about ten more segments.  If you have a suggestion for a segment just put it in the review.  No flames please.  If you don't like stuff like this then don't read it.  I'm a writer, I try different approaches in stories.