Segment Three: 'Overrated'

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A/N: Contains sexual content and is NC-17 based.

Cynthia yawned a little as she stretched herself out on the sofa and sat up slowly rubbing her eyes. The thirteen-year-old had sandy orange hair that was pulled back into a ponytail and a set of cerulean eyes that were trying to focus on everything around her. She wore an olive green top and a faded blue jean skirt. Her father then walked in looking at a newspaper in hand sipped a bottle of water. He was dressed in plain white dress shirt and a pair of brown pants. It's very rare that he dresses 'casually' sometimes. He looked over to his daughter as he heard her yawn.

"Hi daddy, what are you doing?" She rubbed her eyes, trying to stroke the sleepiness off them.

"Not much honey. I was thinking of going down to Blockbuster and renting a movie for tonight maybe. You feel like watching a movie tonight?" He asked.

Cynthia jumped up a bit excitedly and nodded, "Oh yes! I haven't seen a movie in a real long time! Please daddy?"

He laughed a bit at her perky actions, "Sure, sure. That's all right. Let's go ahead and leave now. It's almost six now." He said as he picked his keys up off the coffee table and walked to the front door. Cynthia put on her shoes quickly and ran out the door that her father just opened. He closed it behind him and locked it. He going over to the car, Cynthia already in it, opening the door and getting in. He put the key in ignition and turned it.

"Make sure you put a seat belt on."

"Already have one on daddy. Come on let's go!" She smiled, as he started to back up out of the driveway and pull off going down the hill. Blockbuster was just a little ways downtown from their neighborhood. It's been there for awhile, it's not too old. They still get new releases and everything. In almost fifteen minutes, they pulled up to Blockbuster, he pulling up against the curb. He unfastened his seatbelt and then looked over at his daughter.

"Cynthia, I want you to stay in here."

"But daddy…" she started to whine, but he cut her off.

"No buts. I'm just going in and then back out. I'm just going to pick out a movie and get out. I'll even buy you some Goobers too, all right? Just stay put." Cynthia pouted just a little and then nodded. He opened the door getting out and then approached the store and walked in. She knew for a fact he probably won't be out for probably fifty minutes or more. Her father always had problems when he had so many choices to choose from. She wouldn't be surprised if he rented out the whole store. She laughed at the thought and looked out the window, noticing a large brick building next to Blockbuster. It looked a bit abandoned; it almost looked like it used to be a theater. Oh well. She yawned a bit and thought she minus well finish her nap from earlier. She leaned back and dozed off for awhile. Inside, her father was pondering whether Blade II was a bit too violence for a thirteen-year-old, maybe he should get Spiderman? Or maybe Monsters Inc.? Decisions, decisions…


Cynthia yawned as she came to from her short nap; she's been asleep for at least twenty minutes and a last her father was still not here. She peeked out the window to see where he was in the store, but couldn't see him that much. So, she got out of the car and closed the door she approaching over to the store until she heard a door open from an alley next to the building. Curious, as most children would be, she walked over to the alley looked around the corner. A man was walking into the large building that was next to the video store. His shirt kind of looked like her father's. Could that have been him?

I wonder why he went in there for?

Not hesitating, she ran down the dusty alley and to the large door, which was unlocked. She pushed it open and walked in with the door closing behind her. She found herself in a small room with things like brooms, buckets, cardboard boxes, magazines, and other things she couldn't quite make out. She walked to the other door and opened it, sounds could be heard from where she stood. The young girl walked in looking around, it was dark, except there was a large screen was in the room.

"Wow, I guess this really is a movie theater, but how come there was no one at the front? And I wonder where daddy went to." Cynthia said to herself, as she walked up the isle. Strange sounds being heard all around her for some reason. There were moans, groans, and even a few people yelling too. Maybe it was some kind of scary movie they were looking at? Yea, that must be it. She looked around again seeing if she would see her father anywhere, but there was no trace of him. A man was sitting back in one of the seats and looking at the screen until his eyes fell upon the pretty little thing walking up the isle aimlessly and timidly. His eyes trailed up from her legs, to her hip, her chest, and then her face. Though, he was mostly staring at her chest that was confined in that small shirt of hers. He grinned and then sat up, running a hand through his jet-black hair and leaned back in his chair coolly and called out to her.

"Hey, what's a cute little thing like you doing in a place like this?" He said looking at her form.

Cynthia stopped and looked over at him, not approaching the man that called out to her, "Sorry, sir. My dad said I'm not suppose to talk to strangers."

"Oh, really? Well I'm no stranger. I know him pretty well. And you are looking for him right?"

She blinked and then nodded, "Really? Well, I'm Cynthia. I'm looking for him. Have you seen him? I know I said I would stay in the car outside, but I couldn't."

He motioned her over with a finger, next to the empty chair next to him. She looked at him for a moment, a little hesitant, but she walked over and sat in the cushioned seat.

"Well, he was here before but he left. He'll be back soon." He said, as he then picked her up she jumping a little as he put her in his lap. "He said to wait right here."

"H-h did? Well, maybe I should too…"

"No, you stay. He'll come back." He said, his hand running up the side of her leg against the smooth skin and then creeping up her skirt. She was feeling uncomfortable now, she tried to slip out of his lap but he held her against his body, her head pressed into his chest, "Just relax. So, how old are you, Cynthia?"

"I'm…thirteen." She said, shyly.

"How nice…that's just a perfect age." He said slyly, as his hand moved to her hip. His palm rubbing up against it before reaching between her legs rubbing against her pantied crotch. His hand cupping over it and pressing against her covered treasure, rubbing it roughly. She squirmed in his lap as she kept trying to move, she groaning out.

"P-p-please…stop…I…ahh…" She groaned against his chest.

"Such a good girl you are, oh and if you're wondering my name is Leo." He said, chuckling. His hand then tugging her panties down off her legs and onto the floor. His fingers running back and forth between her folds, the feeling almost tickling her and making her make squeals in his chest. His fingers then found their way to that small, wet entrance that unused and fresh. It just being there for the taking. He grinned at the thought and then slowly pushed two of his fingers in and started rubbing against the walls of flesh, his thumb finding that small, round clit of hers and rubbing it in circles. Cynthia gasped and groaned as she arched her back, pre-fluids slowly leaking out of her. Her face was growing warm, she never experiencing anything like this before. She wasn't at that age yet. He moved the girl from his lap and back into the cushion seat. His fingers continuing to moved back and forth in her wet entrance. His free hand then creeped up her small, tight fitting green shirt. He pulled the bottom of her shirt up over her chest, revealing that that young girl wasn't wearing a bra. She had forgot to put one on today. Her well rounded, plump chest popping out from her shirt as he pulled it up, his fingers then pinching them.

"Mm, your daddy must be so proud of his little girl growing up so fast." He said grinning, as he removed his hand off from under her. Cynthia gave a heavy sigh of relief at this until both his hands crept to her bare chest. Both hands grabbed her pert breasts and began squeezing, massaging, and molding the mound of flesh in his hands. He leaned forward and began licking at one of her soft pink nipples. His teeth nipping down on the hardening bud and lips wrapped around it as he suckled on it hard. Cynthia gave a small cry out at this feeling pain flow through he harden nip. Her head dropped back, her mouth opened as she groaned out a little more, with all these mixed actions as she being handled a bit roughly.

Heh, this should be the best one I got off on yet. These young ones are the best.

He chuckled at the thought as his lips suckled at her harden tit, and nipped down on it again, before moving himself from it and moved down between her legs. His right hand squeezed her breast in his hand as he removed his other one, which pushed her skirt up to her hips where he gazed down at her hairless wet slit. Leo grinned and took his index finger and thumb and spread open those folds, revealing that pink opening. His head leaning down and his mouth covering over her wet opening with his tongue slipping inside and exploring the walls of flesh, his nose buried between the small folds. Cynthia yelped and squirmed in her seat as he continued doing this, his hand squeezing her sore breast. His tongue rolled over that little ballpoint of her clit and around it. She cried out as he licked at the sensitive nub, in reaction she expelled out her body fluids into his mouth. Leo lapping the fluids up into his mouth and swallowing them, he pulling back looking at the girl's body. Cynthia tried to catch her breath now, her cheeks full of redness and her body fatigue. Though it wasn't over just yet. Leo took her up by the hips and turned her around. Pushing her up the seat, until she was hanging over the back of it. The sound of a zipper was heard from behind her. He grasped her by the hips and pulled up to her. She could feel something pressing against her slit and slowly started to spread the folds open.

"This is going to hurt baby, so you better pace yourself." He said as he pushed his erected cock into wet pussy, he stopping as he reached that unbroken hymen of hers.

Cynthia struggled as she felt this touch it scaring her making her stomach flutter, "Let go! Don't do it. I don't…ahhh!"

She had screamed out as he bucked against her, his erect shaft breaking the thin barrier; it tearing and blood flowing from it. Cynthia went into cries of pain and such, her body squirming violently, as her virginity was broken. The inner walls of her deflowered sex then bind tightly around his twitching cock. He squeezed her hips and groaned out.

"Shit, you have a tight pussy. All the better though." He grinned as he pushed all the up into her and then pulled out. He pumping in and out of her slick entrance roughly, it making wet sloshing sounds. Cynthia fingers gripped the seat in front of her with her hands as she was bent over the back of this seat, as this man continued molesting and ravaging her body. Her body heat was rising as continued pumping into her dripping deflowered pussy, as the walls tightened more around his throbbing cock. A few others in the theaters were looking at the overrated dirty movie on the screen, making out and doing their own version of the movie, or either watching him take this young girl over the seat viciously. Some of them hoped they would actually get a turn with her. Cynthia couldn't hold it back anymore now. She cried out loudly as she came to a climax. The fluid smothering over his shaft that was embedded inside of her. He squeezed her rump and pushed inside of her deeply, holding himself there as he discharged a stream of sticky semen inside of her. She gasping out loudly, shutting her eyes tightly yelling out in a loud groan. The mixtures of body fluids flowing out of her and down her leg as she had passed out from all this extreme action.

"Damn, that was good." He groaned a little and grinned as he pulled out of her with a wet pop, his member covered in the sticky secretion. He putting his limp member back into his pants and zipping them up. He looking at the girl, he remembering something she said about a car outside.

"Hm, children shouldn't be here. This movie is way overrated for you."

"I could have just watched a movie on TV or something at my house." Cynthia's father emerged out of Blockbuster carrying a small plastic bag and walked over to the car opening the door and getting in. He looked to the passenger side and noticed it was empty. "Cynthia?" He looked around, about to panic but stopped as he looked behind him. Noticing his daughter was lying in the back seat, fast asleep at the most also. Her body was fully clothed too. He smiled as he looked at her.

"Guess she got tired of waiting, guess I don't blame her though. Took longer than I thought it would." He said, as he took a video out of the bag and looked at it. It rating in the corner of the box reading: PG-13. He pondered for a moment and rubbed his chin.

"I wonder if this would be a little overrated for a thirteen-year-old. Ah, maybe not." He shrugged as started up the car and pulled off, making his way back home. Cynthia sleeping all the when they got there. He didn't want to wake her so he just put her to bed. She didn't even get to see the movie, which was probably not as overrated as what she experienced tonight.

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