john's carolina

"they should turn his voice box
to a grazing cow"

they said of the FARMER-

he stooped,
"dear EMPIRE", there is much
to be wrought tell me
when the sun
allowed the iron to mould to tiny flutes fluting tiny
birds, the

kind you see nesting in the
melancholy trees that they
so-fell-in love with-

and "FARMER", they should have,
(hath) sought the dusty dictionaries,
moldering in european libraries

to find (whereas) (thereafter) (henceforward)

alex-cart (seven)
the EMPIREFARMER flipped a south-carolina quarter. a wren
chipped away from a likely bough
a latin scholar breathed-and-hoped
and alex-
cart wrote a discourse, threw it in the river

which river
and when the moon came to laugh

(at the cows grazing completely exoskeletal)

the FARMER and EMPIRE and oh wonderful yes (not)alexander
dove deep into the deeper waters
for flaps of dead
broadside waving in plantain denial