northern neck, rappahannock

"if we had fine prices,

back when our children were young,
and the

friendliness of easy speech
augmented our fine assemblies,
why then,

this advocating to
inferior handmade wood,

broken china on the
bottom of our packing crates?

writing this now-

as upbraiding the ignorance
of an unfamiliar boy-

who would step out not
by the fields to soil his fine
english shoes, who would
step out not by the barn

the smoke would blind his ravaged eyes-

it is
a thing of friendship.
did you not know,
it had always been-

and was-

besides the houses along the James are older, more cobwebs in the rafters, more aging against the legs of horses. they have had the land longer to mate with, and produce-

here were
are lucky our horses
do not fly."