Catch Sight of Nothing

A poem. R&R please.

Look, fading into nothing

What is all this for

If we see something, we chase it

Human nature says so

But why must we be stopped so

When people leave nothing to chance

And don't even try, they thing

We've caught sight of nothing

The promised land never was found

Under moonlit nights

We all know that the moon shines bright

For all that wish to jump it

Held back

Too short, too tall, too big, too small

Not this, not that, they all think

We've caught sight of nothing

Turn in

Turn away

fade to nothing

Is it all the same if nothing happens

50% or nothing

0% and grief

The difference between denial and thinking

We've caught sight of nothing





Can you hear it?

Can you breathe it?

Can you see it?

You've caught sight of nothing