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"blah" - Speaking

'Blah' - Thinking


"Will! Wait up!" 19 year-old panted behind her older brother. He wasn't exactly her older brother, but he was her best friend and being two years older than her, she always referred to him as her older brother.

Will turned around and looked at Alina Summers, her long, thick, brown hair trailing behind her as she ran to try and catch up. Alina may have been eighteen, but he thought her mind worked as though she may have been 28. She was so deep, thorough and meticulous. She was as optimistic as she was pessimistic. She was also independent, open-minded, and strong- willed. But there were a few things he noticed that stood out behind the 19 year-old body and 28 year-old mind. A few things he wouldn't notice in other people. She had some sort of sixth sense to be able to physically feel what other people were feeling, she had the keenest mind for being able to remember the finest details about her friends' life and she could sense what would happen in the near to far future, depending on the situation.

He knew she was still able to remember when they first met. She was 1½ and he was 3, although it may have seemed impossible, she remembered the exact clothing he'd been wearing and the brand. He thought it was pretty weird but that didn't matter. The one thing he noticed the previous year was that he was in love with her. Of course, he loved her as a friend ever since they met, but since they had their first kiss, accidental if it may have been, he was instantly in love with her. But of course, he wouldn't let her find out. Not ever.

"Where do you think you're going with out me!?" She yelled at him panting.

"I don't know. Where would you go when it's Friday, you're tired and live ½ a block from the school?" He said in a half-serious way.

"I meant, you're supposed to walk with me to the park!" He looked at her quizzically. "Don't you give me that look Will! You know!" He just stared at her. "Willy!!!! Julia's birthday party!" She complained. 'Why is it that he never remembers any birthday except mine?'

"Why would Julia have a birthday party in the park?"

"Oh, it's so cool!" She squealed like the 19 year-old he loved to see. "She's gonna have sooo many attractions! Like you know how rich she is. She rented a real big and beautiful marry-go-round, and a ton of blow up things. You know those big cushions that are like big, huge, colourful mazes?" His facial expression turned to one of understanding and she stopped talking.

"So you need me to give you a ride or are we going to walk?" He asked.

"I want to walk and we need to stop by my house. I got Julia a present and then I took liberty to get her another one on behalf of you, William Manning, because I knew that you would forget." She sighed, looking past him running a hand through her long hair. "I don't know how you could forget. Everyone's been talking about it at school and I've reminded you for the past two weeks." Then she laughed, "Well, as usual. You've managed to forget no matter what I do to help keep you informed."

She breezed past him and began walking home. He followed her.

"Why should I care? She's my ex and we didn't break-up on anything you would call friendly."

"Whatever. It doesn't matter. You're still coming."


Alina and Will walked hand-in-hand to the party while quietly talking about small things that went on in the other's day. Will hadn't noticed it when their close friend Melody Clearwater snuck up behind them wearing the Halloween mask she wore three days ago. But Alina did, courtesy of her long line of 'different' skills. The mask was gruesome, with its big yellow eyes, and green bubbly skin, she didn't fault in her stepping, as to not let Will know who or what was behind them. She smiled to her self, 'Willy's gonna get scared.'

Melody sneaked out from behind the tree she was hiding behind and jumped in front of Will. He didn't get scared as Melody would have expected, although Alina could feel his sudden panic and she herself jumped.

"Why don't you ever get scared?" Melody half-complained to Will. He just shrugged his shoulders and Melody chose to ignore him for the moment. "Well at least I scared you Alina!" She jumped around gleefully then fell into step with the other two.

"No you didn't." She replied knowingly. She understood that the only reason she jumped was from the intensity of Will's reaction. But she chose not to tell Melody. It was one of the things the two prided themselves in; keeping each other's secrets.

Melody noticed the presents each of them held and wondered what they were. She was feeling a bit uneasy. She thought of buying Julia a CD/MP3 player and her favourite CD. It was cheap yes; but they all came from the wealthy families in England and to get the girl just a CD/MP3 player and a CD would have been a cheap move. She chose to ignore it though. If Julia didn't like it, then she could give it back or throw it away. Simple as that. It didn't matter.

Will began to wonder when it was that he would finally stop loving Alina. He hated it. She was always there, so close and he wasn't allowed to kiss her, touch her or tell her he loved her even though he wanted to so much. It wasn't as if he wasn't allowed, it was just that he made a vow to himself that he would never ever let Alina know his true feelings for her. Why? He was always afraid of rejection. He'd dated all the time and it was ok if they dumped him. He never really liked them. They were just a futile attempt at trying to steer his heart away from Alina. He always felt such pain. So many times had been the right time to kiss her.

One time when they were slow dancing in his basement, she whispered how if they had been a couple, this would've been so romantic. He hadn't heard her so he asked her to repeat it gently. She turned her face to him and before she said anything, with reaction to their close proximities, and the heat she was emitting off her body, he softly kissed her. His mind screamed at him to stop, but as soon as he noticed that she was responding, he told his mind to go to hell and kissed her lengthy with all the passion his heart would allow. But unfortunately, several minutes later his phone rang and it shocked both of them back to reality and she pulled away.

The two of them didn't speak for a while and finally when they were badgered enough by Melody, they decided to meet in the park and they finally talked about what happened. Of course, Will had acted like it was just a mistake and that if he were to blame then she was too because she responded to the kiss. Of course, he said it joking around. And they became as close as before. The only difference was, Will finally understood the true pain loving someone carried.

The three of them were deep in thought, Alina especially. Alina was a very different person. She came from a long line of, believe it or not, witches. And in her blood, came the special senses. Plus, the ones that she had only just found out last year were the power to set things ablaze, premonitions and telekinesis. But she couldn't use them because she didn't know how. Each power needed to be developed and trained.

By accident last year when her mother was yelling at her she took a vase that was on the table and blew it up while setting the flowers that occupied it on fire. Her mother stopped yelling and came over and began hugging her saying some muffled things like I'm so proud of you, you finally learned your gift, yadda yadda yadda. Alina wasn't paying attention. She was still shocked by what she had just done. Later she realized it and as weeks past, she began to go through a 'phase', as her mother called it.

Alina became very depressed; she always looked as if she had the weight of the world on her shoulders. But of course, the one guy who was always there was Will. And she loved him for it. But a part of her always reminded her that that wasn't enough. It was a huge burden to always watch out for your anger because if it flared to high, she would start to create havoc. She remembered always going to sleep either crying or by pills; she could never go to sleep in peace. It was too hard. It was always as if her heart was bound by someone's hand just waiting to squeeze the life out of her.

Will didn't know; she could never tell him. The one best friend of hers that always stood next her, never behind or in front; he always let them face everything together. And she loved him for that too. She was night, he was day. The two made for a beautiful set of friends. She looked at him sideways.

'I wonder what he's thinking about. He looks so serious.' Then turned to her right and saw Melody looking at her feet. 'I wonder what she's thinking about too. I mean I could find out, but that's mean. I'd just ask them what they're thinking. Whatever. What's taking so long? We should be at the party by now. My feet are starting to hurt and I need some food. I should be smelling food too.'

She looked around and the first thing she noticed was the smell. There was a different smell. The air scented of flowers and clear water. 'This park usually smells like trees and the food that's always being served somewhere in this park.' She didn't like the smell. It was different, she's been through this park more than enough times and she saw that the way the trees bent over the man-made path and frowned.

She clutched both Will and Melody's hand, closed her eyes and concentrated on the party. She couldn't see it. Something was wrong and her heart began to speed up.

'Something's wrong! Why can't I see the party...why not? I should be able to sense it. That Goddamned flowery smell! It must be blocking my senses.' She let go of Melody's hand and plugged her nose she focused on the party again. 'Nothing.Lemme try home..again. Nothing! What's going on?' She opened her eyes and she saw both Will and Melody looking at her with worried expressions.

"Guys where are we? This isn't the park."

Will looked at her closely, "Ali, this is the park and were on our way to the party. What do you mean where are we?"

Melody stepped closer. She saw the panicked expression on Alina's face and became more worried.

"Ali, what's wrong? We're still in the park."

Alina looked around as if to convince herself her friends were speaking the truth. But she came back to the same conclusions. 'This isn't the park! What's going on?!!?'

She decided to use another sense; premonitions. She looked around and recorded the forest in her mind then closed her eyes and began to breathe in and out. By the third breath she sensed something ferocious looking. Headed their way. She clutched her present and Will's hand she turned to Melody and Will. They were beyond worried, for their faces bore expressions of extreme fear for they knew to trust whatever face came upon Alina's face.

Alina dropped her present and grabbed both Melody and Will's hands so fast their presents flew out of their hand too. She began running in the direction she felt was safer. They were right behind her and she told them to run faster.

Over fallen logs, off the path and under hedges. The three of them ran as fast as their legs could carry them. She heard Melody scream while tripping over a low running branch and she and Will stopped to get Melody up and fast. She had tears running down her face. Alina didn't have time for this. Either stop to calm her down and get their heads bashed off their shoulders or run for dear life and at least attempt an escape. She grabbed Melody off the floor and looked at her.

"Mel! We have no time for this! Something's coming after us and we have to get out of here." Melody stopped crying and nodded her head.

"Alina! What's coming?"

"It doesn't matter. It's going to kill us if we don't move! Now let's go!"

Alina turned and began to run again. The two followed her and they soon were at a furious pace running for their life. Suddenly the creature that Alina had seen in her premonition had stepped in front of them twirling his blade in his hands smiling a disgusting smelly smile, his putrid smell attacking her senses full force. She heard Melody let out a small whimper and Will gasp. Alina closed her eyes and tried hard to remember how to set things ablaze and just remembered the anything that angered her in the past. Quickly, her anger built up more and more until Alina heard the beast let out a loud cry.

She opened her eyes and saw the beast running around covered in flames. Alina was a delighted the beast was on fire and it was her doing! I finally did it! But where is that sword. I want to have a look at it. The beast fell to the floor dead and continued to burn.

She heard Melody faint and Will let out an indescribable scream. She ran to him and felt a tingle in her belly that bounced every time her foot hit the floor. She looked down and saw the sword belonging to the beast protruding from her abdomen. What the hell? She began to feel dizzy when she saw the amount of blood dripping down her stomach onto her baby blue satin skirt.



The end of Chapter One!