"You're no better than she is," Cole whispers, shoving me away from him. "Pawing at me, when you want something from me. You disgust me more than I disgust myself."

I've never seen such utter loathing in anyone's eyes before, especially not directed at me. I stand quietly under that glare, unsure of how to reply to such a statement.

"I'm surprised you can't figure it out by yourself." He sneers at me, stepping closer. "You seemed to enjoy shoving her name in my face whenever you could."

"Larson!" I croak, shocked. "I was just… I never actually thought…" I trail off, take a deep breath, and then close my eyes to avoid his spiteful gaze. "I was only saying it to piss you off. I didn't really think anything was going on." I continue, opening my eyes to stare at the wall over his shoulder.

He snorts disbelievingly. "And you never noticed how well 'only saying it' seemed to work?" he asks sarcastically. "Get the fuck out of my house."

My eyes snap back to his, seeing if he really means it. And judging from the look on his face, he does. He's pissed and not going to listen to anything.

Without another word, I turn and walk out of the house, not looking back.


I'm surprised, as I walk into the classroom, to see Cole sitting in his usual seat in the back, looking as unapproachable as always. Taking my seat, I glance back at him, hoping to catch his gaze, but he's not looking my way. Instead, he's sitting slouched in his seat, staring straight ahead.

"Hey, man, why weren't you at the prom Saturday?" my friend James asks, taking a seat beside Mitch. "I thought we were all gonna party?"

Prom? "I forgot." I reply, shrugging. I look back over at Cole.

"Hey, Luke. Did you hear?" Mitch asks, drawing my attention.

"Hear what?" I ask, not really interested.

"Kerri's pregnant," he replies.

That catches all my interest. "Are you serious?"

He nods, his face solemn. "Lauren told me. She said Kerri called her this weekend in tears, saying she'd just found out."

"Well, it ain't my kid." I state firmly, my mood darkening considerably.

"She's like two months along or something, so it might actually be your kid," he replies, his voice low and serious. "And don't even try to tell me you two practiced abstinence."

I scowl at him darkly. "I'll talk to her." I mutter, turning away from him.

"Well, you better do it soon, 'cause she was talking about getting an abortion."

My gaze snaps back to him, and his face is still serious. He nods slowly before turning to James and starting a conversation.

My heart sinks. I've never really cared either way on the abortion issues, but if it is my kid, I don't want her 'terminating' him.

"All right, guys, your project is due at the end of this week, so I'm going to give you all period today to work on it." Larson announces, standing from her seat at her desk. "But this is the last day," she says firmly. "So I suggest you work something out with your partner if you're not finished by today." She goes silent, staring at the class to confirm they understand. Nodding her satisfaction at what she sees, she continues. "Okay, get to work! Cole, I'd like to see you out in the hall." With that said, she turns and strides toward the door, not waiting for Cole's answer.

Standing slowly, he walks slowly toward the classroom door, where Larson stands waiting for him. As he passes my row, he glances over at me and I'm able to see the apprehension in his eyes before he glances away.

As he walks out the open door past Larson, she places her hand on his back and lets it slide casually down to his ass. I look around to see if anyone else has noticed, but everyone's attention is elsewhere. Turning back to the door, I find them both already gone.

Making a decision, I stand, ignoring Mitch's called out question and follow after them. When I exit into the hallway, they're nowhere in sight and my gut churns at the implications.

Where would they go? Glancing up and down the hall, I spot the door to the teacher's break room and head for it. Pausing in front of the closed door, I take a deep breath and then slowly and quietly open the door, listening for any sign of Cole and Larson, or some other teacher. Hearing quiet whispering, I enter, closing the door softly behind me.

"Stop," I hear Cole whisper brokenly.

"It's okay." Larson replies soothingly, her voice coaxing. "I need you, Cole. Just one more time, okay?"

There's the rustling of clothing and I speed up, turning the corner just in time to see Larson throw Cole's shirt on the floor and reach for his pants. I must've made some sort of noise because Cole looks directly at me over her shoulder, and our eyes meet.

The shame and disgust in his eyes is like a blow to the gut. His eyes are begging me to do something, and without hesitation, I surge forward and pull Larson off of him by her hair.

She screeches, reaching up to claw at my hand, but I throw her onto the couch pushed against the wall. She lands in an undignified sprawl, her skirt hiked up her thighs and her blouse open. She looks up at me with a fearful expression on her face, which quickly turns angry when she realizes who I am.

"Mr. Myers, what do you think you're doing?" she asks, standing and beginning to put her clothes back together in a dignified manner. "You should be in class working on your project, not in here interrupting my…conversation with Mr. Black."

"You sick bitch." I growl, stepping towards her.

She sneers, not backing down. "What are you going to do? Tell on me? I'll scream rape before the words are even out of your mouth," she states, a nasty smile on her face.

"Then I'll just have to beat the shit out of you." I reply, taking another step towards her.

Her eyes widen and she takes a step back, stumbling against the couch. "You wouldn't! I'm a teacher! A woman!" she screeches, her hands gripping the faux-leather upholstery beneath her.

"It's the twenty-first century, and I'm an equal opportunity type of guy." I take another step forward, causing her to press herself against the couch. "And besides, you're not a woman. No real woman would do what you were just doing."

Her face pales as I take another step, almost within reach to cause harm.

"Luke." Cole's quiet voice stops me mid-step, and I turn to find him standing in the same place as when I walked in, his shirt back on. "Can we go?" he asks calmly, not looking at Larson.

Nodding, I follow him toward the door, glancing back at Larson to glare before turning the corner.

As soon as the break room door closes behind us, Cole turns and stares into my eyes solemnly. "Why did you do that?" he asks.

I blink in confusion. "Why wouldn't I do that?" I reply, staring back.

It seems we've confused each other, and we both stand silently, staring at each other.



I never thought my life could get anymore complicated, but here I am, standing in my school hallway across from a guy I could've sworn I hated last week, who just prevented Larson from molesting me once again. And I have no idea why he did it.


We both startle at the voice coming from a few feet away, and we turn to find Luke's ex-girlfriend.

"Kerri." Luke replies coldly. "I heard the news."

Kerri pales, looking away from us. "Lauren has a big mouth," she mutters, staring at the floor. "Listen, Luke – "

"Whose it it?" Luke asks, cutting her off.

My eyes widen as what he's insinuating sinks in. I'd heard people talking in the cafeteria this morning, but I'd disregarded it as not true and not my problem. But if it was true and it was Luke's kid, did that mean he would have to marry her and support her? And why did I care if he did?

"Probably yours," she replies, avoiding his gaze.

I wince in sympathy as Luke spins and slams his fist into the nearest locker, leaving an impressive dent behind. He rests his forehead against the wall, cradling his hand in the other, his eyes closed.

"I'm getting an abortion." Kerri states weakly, still not looking at either of us.

That galvanizes him, causing him to straighten and turn towards, his eyes furious. "No," he growls.

They both seem to have forgotten that I'm there, and I debate on whether or not I should leave, but decide against it when I get a good look at Luke's face. Someone should be here in case he snaps.

"It's my body!" she argues, finally showing some backbone. "I can do what I want with it."

"That baby's body is not yours!" Luke yells, pointing at her stomach. "You have no right to do that!"

Doors up and down the hall begin to open, teachers peeking to see what the commotion is.

"I'm not asking for your permission! I'll do whatever I want!" she screams in reply. "I'm not letting a baby hold me back! This is my future!" Before Luke can reply, she shoves past him, running down the hallway and around the corner.

Luke stands, glaring after her, his fists clenched at his sides.

"What's going on out here?" a male teacher calls from his doorway down the hall.

Grabbing Luke's arm, I begin to drag him towards the exit at the end of the hall. "C'mon, let's get out of here." I suggest, pulling his unresisting form behind me.

His bicep is tensed beneath my hand, making it feel solid and unbreakable beneath my hand, and Luke is still looking pissed enough to kill.

"Where do you think you're going!" the same teacher yells, coming out of his room and heading towards us at a fast-paced walk.

"Move your ass, Myers." I order, yanking on his arm.

He pulls out of my grip and breaks into a jog beside me. We slam into the doors at the same time, throwing them open, as we break into a ground eating run.

"My car's this way!" Luke yells, grabbing my arm when I pause slightly in indecision.

He doesn't release me until we reach his car.


This was for you, Rae, 'cause you gave the story a shibby page and you thought Luke shouldn't get away with his sneaky coercion on your watch. ^_^