By:Andrew Troy Keller

My name is Alan Spangler--and I was once in a business of catching bail-jumpers and shipping their butts back to prison.
For you see,I've used to be a bounty-hunter.
And so far,I had never allowed a bounty to slip out of my hands.
But that was before I was assigned to go to Chicago and pick-up a skip named D.J. Torkelson,who was wanted back in Cleveland for bank robbery and assulting a female police-officer.
As soon as I've arrived at the Chicago Police headquarters,I was totally ready to drag Torkelson's rump back to Cleveland.
However,as soon as they had brought out the skip,I was completely shocked,for I've discovered that D.J. Torkelson was really Donna Jo Torkelson--a girl.
Still,I had no choice,but to do my job and take her all the way back to Cleveland.
But then,on the way back,she had broken down,started to cry and told me all about this guy who had forced her into pulling those bank jobs--and that she was sorry for punching out the female officer.
She had sounded so sincere that I had pulled into a gas station and placed her into the rest room,where she was to cry in private.
A minute later,I've opened the door to see if she was alright,only to discover that she had slipped out through the window and zoomed away in my car.
Donna Jo skipped again.