The Beginning

From his perch atop an abandoned building a figure masked in shadow looks upon this new world. The new world he feels responsible for creating. The guilt buried deep within him almost unbearable. He looks out through binoculars he acquired from the last town he visited. Scanning the area for his next target, a target he knows will come. He checks over his old faded duster just to make sure all of his weapons are in place. Out of the shadows lurks his target, searching for it's own meal. Like clockwork the figure, with the accuracy of a falcon launches himself from his position and lands a mere two feet from the predator in front of him. He lets a smirk grace his features as the creature appears to recognize him.
"Cross!" It growls.
The figure known as Cross lets a sigh escape his lips
"Not another soquatre demon, do you know how hard it is to get your smelly blue blood out of my coat?"
The creature growls and moves his hand to allow the large bone blade to slip from his wrist. He launches his attack with a downward thrust to Cross's head. Cross falls to one knee and rolls between the demons legs coming to stand behind it.
"I'll give you one chance to surrender without a fight." Cross says a look of disgust marking his features.
The soquatre demon slices again hoping to finish the hunter's light hearted banter. This time though his slice was met by a parry from a blade the hunter Cross must have had hidden. A smirk falls upon the face of the hunter
"I guess that's a no... well have it your way"
The demon thrusts again and is met with a parry, the look of frustration clearly on its face. It pulls back to swing the gruesome blade towards Cross's midsection. Cross barely gets out of the way this time, the monsters blade clipping his torso. The hunter rolls to his side and clutches his wound.
"Damn! So who exactly has been teaching you guys how to fight?" Cross Smiles
"Because I think they could use a few lessons themselves."
Cross brings his blade up and thrusts down at the demons head. The demon seeing this obvious attack raises his blade to parry, a smirk clearly on his face. That smirk was quickly wiped away when it realized his parry didn't meet Cross's blade as it expected. Instead Cross Feinted and came down under the demons arm, slicing through his neck. The demons head falls from its quickly disintegrating body, the look of surprise still on its face... Cross looks down at his duster.
"Yes!!! not a drop of blood on me, yep this time I'm walking away clean." On that note the demons head exploded covering the once clean hunter with puss and bile. The hunter looks up
"Hey, that's so not funny."
Cross makes his way back to the abandoned building in which he was hiding, still clutching his wound. Once inside the hollowed out tower he strides up to the small sports car convertible parked among the Debris. He opens the door and pulls out a first aide kit preparing to mend his wound.
"You know just when you think your done and everything is cool, life bitch slaps you and covers you with bile and puss." he says " I better get paid big for this one"
Once mended the hunter starts the car and sets his course for the last village he encountered on his journey
" Yeah I'm so gonna get at least a weeks worth of Rations for this one."

end of part one