He moved as stealthy as he could, making his way toward the demon. He had been stalking it for hours, trying to find the right time to pounce. The demon

was a tricky creature though, as it bobbed and weaved thru the unsuspecting civilians. He had to stop it before it turned anyone else. Alas poor Ali, he

remembered her well. She will be missed, but right now he had to focus on the beast just out of his grasp. How could the people around it not know it was

evil? Oh well, as soon as he caught it alone he would make the kill. He was a demon hunter, it's what he did. He stalked the demon for a few more yards

before it had reached an area devoid of human life. Now was his chance. He pulled his sword and crouched down ready to pounce. Then he did, he pounced as

fast as he could knocking the demon to the ground. He hit it repeatedly on the head with his sword, then pulled back to finish it off...

"OW!" The demon proclaimed. "I'm telling."

"Jax! You didn't have to hit him so hard." A young girl said coming from the shadows. "Are you okay Drew?"

"I guess, but that hurt." Drew replied still rubbing his head. "I didn't hit you that hard."

"Oh come on, Ali, I didn't hit him that hard." Jax said sheathing his plastic sword. "He's just a big cry baby."

"Am not!" Drew yelled. "You were just showing off for Ali, cause you love her."

"Do not!" Jax yelled back.

"Ali and Jax sitting in a tree..." Drew started but was interrupted.

"Finish that and I'll hit you." Ali proclaimed, pushing between the two.

"Alice! Time for dinner." Alice's mother yelled.

"Sorry guys I've got to go." Ali stepped from between them and ran toward her parents camp.

"Do you want to come over for dinner?" Jax asked Drew. "We've got plenty of rations this week."

"Nah, I'll just head over to the O Camp." Drew said softly.

"Ok, if your sure." Jax smiled. "I'll see ya tomorrow."

"Yeah tomorrow." Drew said, as Jax ran off toward his own parents camp.

Drew lingered a little longer in the quiet area in which they had been playing, before making his way over to the O camp. It didn't take him long to reach

it, the sounds of the other kids could be heard thru most of the complex. Drew entered the camp with a glum look upon his face, but the look quickly turned

to a smile. In the middle of all the other children was Lieutenant Folks, he had a kid on his back and was galloping around like a horse. Drew smiled bigger,

he loved it when Lt Folks camp to visit.

"Hey Kiddo." Came a voice behind Drew startling him.

"Captain Tracy?" Drew eased up after being startled.

"Yup, thought I would come with Bill and check on you kids." Bridget smiled. "How are ya doing?"

"Ok, I guess." Drew answered lowering his gaze to the ground.

"What's wrong?" Bridget asked, already knowing what it was.

"Just miss my parents." Drew said not looking up.

"Hey, it's ok to miss your parents." Bridget leaned down and placed her finger under his chin raising his view to look at her. "Andrew, I'm sorry we

haven't been able to find them. I'm sure we will, it's only a matter of time."

"Thanks Captain Tracy." Drew smiled.

"Well anyway, how are Alice and Jaxon?" Bridget asked changing the subject.

"Their ok, Jax hit me on the head with his sword again." Drew said. "But it's ok, it didn't hurt that much."

"Well, if he does it again. Tell him I'm gonna hit him on the head with mine. OK?" Bridget smiled.

"I will." Drew smiled back.

"Now you run along and get some food." Bridget said.

"Yes Ma'am." Drew saluted and ran off toward the food line.

Bridget Looked toward the other children and saw that they had Bill pinned to the ground. She laughed, and sat back to watch how he would get out of this

one. All she could see were kids and his long gangly arms sticking out of the pile. She laughed again when he called out for help.

"What's wrong Billy boy, get in over your head." Bridget laughed as she walked up to Bill.

"Don't make fun just get me out of here." Bill's cries could be heard from under the screaming kids.

"I don't know, I might need some help. Maybe I should get Abe." Bridget smiled.

"Don't you dare, he'll never let me live it down." Bill's muffled voice said.

"OK, kids. Go get some food and give me back my Lieutenant." Bridget said, and the kids started to make their way off of Bill.

"Thank you." Bill said getting up.

"Well, I can never say it gets boring with you here." Bridget laughed.

"Yeah, laugh at me. But at least I bring some joy to this place." Bill said defending himself.

"Yeah if that's what you call it." Bridget smirked. "We need to finish our tour before nightfall though. Have to report to the Colonel, on how all the new

people are settling in."

"Well, lets get a move on then." Bill said, walking toward the entrance.

Back in the O camp, Drew got his plate and sat at the edge of the camp away from everyone else. He couldn't help thinking of his parents. The orphans all around him, just a reminder of what he doesn't have. For all he knew they were dead and so that's how he had begun to treat them. That way if they were dead then he would not be surprised. Drew looked toward the tents full of families, and wished he was in one of them. Sure Jax had invited him to dinner, but it just wasn't the same. It was never the same...