Rachel jumped onto the couch in the living room and turned on the t.v.: "Speedy has attacked again!" a broadcaster exclaimed, horror on his face. "What you're about to see may disturb you!"

The broadcaster disappeared and was replaced by a turtle slowly walking back towards the ocean. The picture then shifted to another scene of people running around screaming as if there was a sale at Wal-Mart.

"How pathetic! Scared of a stupid turtle! What'd it do? Shoot them down with turtle pellets? Puh-lease! This is really lame." Rachel muttered, getting up and walking to the phone. Punching in some numbers, she waited a few seconds before someone's voice came over the line.

"Hello?" a girl asked.

"Hi Kasey. What to go to the beach?" Rachel walked to her room and began to dig through piles of clothes on her floor, looking for her bathing suit.
"Sure, I'll meet you at our usual spot in five minutes."

Rachel hung up the phone and quickly changed into her bathing suit. Leaving her house, she headed towards the beach. Upon getting there, she saw Kasey waiting for her.

"Rachel, we can't go. Speedy was here earlier." Kasey pointed to a sign,:
Danger: Killer turtle has struck again!
Rachel looked at the sign for a minute before tearing it down.

"Come on, Kasey! If we see the stupid turtle, we can leave." Rachel grabbed Kasey's hand and pulled her terrified friend behind her.

Both girls spread out their towels and proceeded to lie down. Rachel put on her sunglasses, closed her eyes, and prepared herself for a tan. Kasey, on the other hand, looked as if she could run any second. "This is nice! Don't you think so Kasey?"

"Uh huh, n-nice!" Kasey stuttered, causing Rachel to open her eyes and look at her friend before rolling her eyes. "Kasey! The stupid turtle can't hurt you! Besides, it's nowhere near us!"

"I guess you're right." Kasey said, finally starting to relax. A head poked out of the water, followed by a body. A small turtle began to walk towards the two girls.

*20 minutes later*

The turtle stopped upon reaching its two victims. Going to the one closest to it, Kasey, it slowly walked onto her stomach before attacking her. Kasey, feeling something on her, opened her eyes and started screaming. Rachel woke up to find a small turtle on the ground and Kasey running around in an idiotic panic.

Getting annoyed by Kasey's screaming, Rachel picked up the turtle and threw it into the ocean. Seeing the turtle gone, Kasey hugged her friend, before letting go and screaming again. "Oh no, now you're going to die too! I'm so sorry Rachel!" Kasey started to run around in another idiotic panic.

Rachel, confused, looked down at her bathing suit before laughing; "Calm down Kasey! It's only turtle poop!"