The Case of the Missing Pencil


A/N: Okay, this happened in Physical Science today. The scenerio: I lost my pencil. Chaos....well, something close to it, ensues....Oh, and my name is CAR-in, not Karen.

DISCLAIMER: ....I'm not sure what I can put here. Oh, yeah. I'm making no money, this really did happen, I don't own anybody so...yeah take that as you will.


MR. K: And, if you would please take out your planners to write down the assignments.

JESSICA: Hey, Karin, since you've already wrote all this down, would you like to take mine?

ME: Sure. *Grabs Jessica's agenda, starts to copy from her own agenda. Karin is using Jessica's pencil*

JESSICA: Thanks. *Takes her agenda and pencil back*

MR. K: And now, if you would please take out your notes...

*Everyone groans*

ME: *Reaches for her pencil* Hey, where'd my pencil go?

JESSICA: *Shrugs, is writing in pen*

ME: *Sighs, gets another one from out of her backpack. Mr. K starts to dictate the notes*

CODY: *Raises his hand*

MR. K: Yes, Cody?

CODY: If you say this is review, why do we do it over and over AND take notes on it?

MR. K: Because I'm getting payed to.

CODY: Oh...

ME: *Reaches under her seat, looking for the pencil* Jess, gimme my pencil!

JESSICA: I don't have it! *Starts laughing*

MR. K: Karin, Jessie....


ME: Then why are you laughing?

JESSICA: *Shrugs*

ME: *Sighs, looks under her chair some more*

MR. K: Karin, are you copying these down?

ME: Yes. *Holds up her notebook*

MR. K: Then why are you under your table?

ME: I want to be?

*The class laughs*

*A few minutes go by. I am still looking under every book on JESSICA's and my table*

KARIN: *Whispers* Andy!

ANDY: *Turns around* Wut?

KARIN: Where did you put my pencil?

ANDY: I don't have your pencil. *Turns back around*

JESSICA: *Is still laughing*

KARIN: *Growls, turns behind her* Cody, Desi, where did you put my pencil?

DESI: What pencil?

CODY: I don't have your pencil.

MR. K: Karin, this is the last time I'm going to tell you to be quiet.

ME: But I don't have my pencil!

MR. K: Then how have you been writing?

ME: I took out a different pencil. That one only has a bit of lead left. This one was loaded with lead.

MR. K: Look for it after class.

ME: Okay. *Continues look discreetly anway*

*More notes are dictated*

ME: *Leaning over to Kerri while MR. K. is doing something else* Did I hand you a golden pencil with those papers?

KERRI: Uh, no. . .

ME: Okay. *Leans over JESSICA who is laughing* Nadine, did you see a golden pencil? Mechanical?

NADINE: No. . .

ME: Blast! *There is about fifteen minutes left of class* This sucks. *Turns to JESSICA* Very funny. Now hand over my pencil!

JESSICA: *Is still laughing hysterically* I don't have your pencil.

ME: Then why are you laughing? You always laugh when you lie.

JESSICA: Because it's funny!

ME: Who took it?

JESSICA: I don't know!

ME: *Sighs, puts her hands in her sweatshirt pocket, pulls out a golden mechanical pencil* Oh, here it is!