What I know Now

When we're children we can't wait to grow up, adulthood couldn't

come soon enough to please us. We'd count the days till we could finally

drive a car and have a job just like Mom and Dad. We'd spend hours

dreaming about being firefighters and doctors, teachers and glamorous movie

stars. Playing make believe and dress-up were our ways of preparing for

being grown-ups and in mom's too big heels and dad's well knotted tie we're

sure that our lives would be so much better when we're big enough to have

our own. When I was a kid I couldn't wait to grow up either. I wanted to go

to school, get a job, get married and have all the other great stuff adults made

out to be fun. I'm legally an adult now, in the eyes of the world I am an

adult, a grown-up, what ever kid dreams of. I can drive, vote and I'll be

going away to university or college in the next year or two. Well I'm finally

where I'd always wanted to be, now low and behold I'd rather be five years

old again. Go figure.

I sit in front of a relatively blank computer writing a seven hundred

page prose essay at nine o'clock at night with a head cold and the knowledge

that I need to get this done or face the wrath of an upset English teacher. I

have to do this lovely assignment as well as my chores, work and other

school homework. When I was five I had very few chores, work was a fun

place to go as oppose to school, and homework was drawing a picture of a

purple dog that resembles a bunch of connected scribbles that only

resembled an animal in my mind. There's a famous saying that expresses the

wish that the person knew then what they know now, boy did that guy ever

know what he was talking about. We as children spend so much time waiting

to get older that we have no idea just how lucky we are to be little. When

we're young we don't have to worry about buying our clothes, gas or paying

for our education, when you're a child your biggest problem was how to

convince your parents to buy you something you wanted. Adults today look

at their children and would gladly give up there adult hood for a day in their

child's shoes, spending their days making messes and exploring the world

around them.

One of the best things about being a child revolves around the words

responsibility and expectations. As children we don't have to worry about

these things because we're not expected to, that's the parent's job. We have

no responsibility because as children we can't even spell the word much less

understand its meaning. As children we have a limited understanding of

cause and effect and we generally remember things if told repeatedly. But if

we make a mistake when we're little our parents don't blame us and they

clean it up. As adults when we screw up its our fault, our parents will not

excuse it and they will definitely not clean it up for us. As for expectations

as a child well they're not very high, parents were proud and got excited if we

managed to colour in the lines and not spill our food all over the place.

Today they expect us to get good grades, hold a job and go on to make

them proud in a good and well paid profession. Colouring in the lines

doesn't count anymore. Have you readers had your parents give you a

cookie for colouring in the lines lately?

Time has shown that people are never satisfied with their age.

Children and teenagers want to look and be older while adults and the elderly

would give anything to be under thirty. To date one of the smartest people in

the history of this world was Peter Pan who knowing a good thing when he

saw it chose to never grow-up. Instead this very smart little boy remained a

boy forever and in doing so proved that fictional character or not he was very

wise in his smart decision. Of course its not possible to remain a child

forever, it would be nice but the population would die out pretty quick. But

for all those parents out there reading this essay please, read this to your

children and tell them its from someone who know this lesson all too well.