Try to make sense of this; I dare you.

The Garden

I. Adam

The force of self-delusion works both ways -
he lies, he breathes, he lives to die again.
His weary skin reflects the sin of man,
and seasons lie in slumber when he wakes.
When jaded songs expose kind subtleties,
the stars rebel and warn of fallacies.
Synthetic fires never cease to veil
what spiral truths expose as naked proof.

His past extends from deep within the grave,
where lonely corpses line the streets of dust
and liars blame the Genesis of fray
on simple melodies of fruitless will.
Adam's fears would free the jailed mistakes
when legal pain resumes its dark descent,
but all we'll get is torpid, severed shame
to free his bitter children from the end.

II. Eve

Her piety remains where no man's tread
dares touch the sacred ground of maidens' lust.
Free will was hers to exercise that day
when downfalls turned to serpentine instinct.
The stories of our youth are few and false;
we're bound to fail where pale moonlight lays claim.
A few soft kisses won't repair the wounds
that systems of revenge will soon create.

Still caught in woven tapestries of dreams,
she turns her eyes away from history.
Indeed, leaves cover not her form today
but waits for long eternity to fade.
Every breath her tortured lungs inhale
draws faint despair and gorgeous agony,
but life no longer lets the Mother rest -
she only dreams of syncopated death.

III. Lilith

The roots of seared reality began
at dawn with her unguarded jealousy.
The shifting silver surface of the pool
did nothing, only urged her further in.
In lands of ardent chaos she will reign
until the tides of vagrant seas unite
to pin her underneath this lifetime's curse
and drive her stormy blessings into flight.

The universe expands while minds contract -
whose irony do you suppose is that?
Our proud, bombastic poetry displays
an aching, bleak reminder of the past.
Goodbyes refused to quail her vanity,
so vertigo will steal our self-control
and keep us locked where cunning eyes can watch
the long sojourn of Lilith's legacy.

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