Found Again

By Carter Tachikawa

(Dedicated to Seth Turtle...thanks for everything.)

This world was never built to satisfy you and me
Our lives go past us, changing scenes before we change ourselves
Sitting in the dark, this movie feels far from over
Far from seeing "The End" written on the black background

Taciturn and frightened, you've closed yourself off
And I close my eyes
The film bores me, gives me time to drift away and dream
Of what I will never be
Angels wouldn't leave me a place at their table in heaven
They wouldn't share tea or biscuits
I am not worthy to stay with them anymore
I have too many wounds
Tattered, shattered, cracked, and broken
My edges razor sharp like shards of my mirror

I'm a toy, all rusted and unable to please anymore
Lost somewhere in the bottom of that box
Lying underneath the dolls and animals now to be played with
Battered, dirty, losing an eye or arm, stuffing pulled out
So imagine my surprise when you reached in and found me

Though I don't look like it, you've healed me
Scars remain, a few threads *still* loose in places
But I know you will make me brand new
Time will flow like ribbons of scenery that we see
As we drive in cars across the world

Hopeless, yes, sometimes we feel hopeless
Hurting, yes, memories have a way of hurting us too
Crawling on the ground, stumbling through thick layers of smoke
You could almost cut it with a knife
And as I look up, coughing, my vision blurred by the gray
I notice your hand placed on top of mine

Frayed, pulled, ripped, unraveled
I open my eyes and I see you're still watching
The movie as it leaves the beginning and approaches the end
I sigh, tired of all the things I attacked and failed to win against
Hands on top of one another, I know we're not alone anymore
Like me, you have been broken, tortured, spun around and made dizzy
Turning like a top and tired of constant motion
So I will be the band-aid for the cuts and scraps you've acquired over time
And I will return the favor, healing your wounds
Scars will always be there and we'll both have the cracks from the past
But I also know, one day, we'll both be brand new.

(Weird poem again. I am so hating what I write these days. Oh well)