I am crying in a corner

And I try to come out of the darkness

And you throw me back inside


Your harsh words I cry

Your harsh stares I cry

I am of limited disposition to you I cry

I am not of interest to you I cry

Why don't you come to me when I cry

You stand outside the door and listen while I cry

You don't raise your voice

you tell me that what you know

I should not speak, not include in my vocabulary - I cry

You keep me trapped in




you did not teach me how to express myself in a way you can accept.

You condemn me when I try and tell you how I feel, you say mine is the greater crime.

So you did not teach me clean,

I am cryingcryingiamcrying is it tuneful to you?

Small you keep me in a small cage where I can hear my cry

You do not care I move you to nothing and I am sad I cry

The tears, they are myne own, I cry

These fears, ache to the bone I cry

Alone I cry