Searching for a SoulMate

Hurt runs down my cheeks,

In drops of watery dark,

All alone and lonely,

I'm feeling so apart,

I have no one to love me,

And yet I am afraid,

To come out of my hiding,

And join up with the day,

I'm afraid of what I've become,

And who I know, my friends,

I'm afraid of what I'll change to,

And how the story ends,

So I sit here watching,

Quietly as the world goes by,

Waiting for someone's arms around me,

To hold me while I cry,

Am I waiting for a dream or a fairytale,

I guess I'll never know,

Until I've tried and failed,

I wait here for a love,

That some have never known,

For am one among them,

Searching for a love their own,

So maybe someday someone,

Will read this who with them I'm meant to be,

For I'm searching for a soulmate,

Who will someday set me free.