It was raining.

A sprinkling waterfall of silver droplets.

Silver tears. Nature's tears.

Silver tears that cleanse away the bad.

Tears that brought new hope and life.

She loved the rain. She watched as the droplets slid down her window. Heard as they pitter-pattered on her roof.

The sky was stormy, an aging gray, a reflection of her life.

The silver tears mirrored the crystal pearls that slipped down her cheeks.

But she was smiling. She rarely smiled. Only when it rained. Only then. She enjoyed the cleansing coolness of the droplets of silver as it caressed her skin, molding her clothes to her lean frame. She didn't notice or cared for that matter as she leisurely walked down the deserted streets. All there was when it rained was her and the beauty of nature's tears.

She was one of the few who understood. The hardships in her life forced her, for her sanity, to understand.

For her to always have hope and never give up on life, she had to fully understand.

That the rainbow comes after the rain.

And that was why she loved it when it was raining.