I don't want to hurt you,
but I want to see you cry—
confusing, paradoxical,
I know that you would die
for me if I needed you to-
-o much to ask for if I want to
love you too.

Author's Notes: Erm...this is...strange. o_O Nonsensical toward the end, I know it, but if you've felt something like this before it'll probably make sense to you. Maybe. I don't know, this is open to interpretation if you like. ^^; In line five, the end "to-" corresponds to the sixth line's "-o" to make it "needed you to" and "too much to ask..." without repeating myself. I dunno where that comes from, but like I said, anything you have to say is welcome. ^_^ Thanks for reading! ~MJ

Date of Composition: October 15, 2002; 10:40 p.m.