Title: When the music's over

Author: KatieD

Started on: 10/17/02

Rating: R – for homosexual theme and some other stuff later on (which would be a spoiler to reveal, eh?)

Summary: An insight in the life of a girl who has nothing but music.

Warning: Slash means that two people of the same sex share a romantic relationship. If you're not OK with this, please dont read this story


Author's notes: This story belongs to me all the character's are mine and so are the situations on it. If you wanna use it, mail me.

Notes on the story: This is the prologue of what I want to be a long story. So buckle up and enjoy.

Last thoughts: I intend to give you the name of the main character only in the second chapter. IF i get some reviews.... PLEASE

Plea: enjoy and review. REVIEW. Please...

Special thanks: To Jim Morrison and The Doors for the lyrics of "When the music's over" (by the way, go listen to it great song, absolutely marvelous).

And we're on!


When The Music's Over

Prologue: When the music is your only friend.

My school – Three Years Ago

People say you should take the time to introduce yourself... you're probably wanting to hear all the incessant blathering about my childhood 'n all... bad news.... I don't talk about that... hell... I hardly talk at all...

My story starts three years ago.

When I was happy...

When stuff were less complicated...

I was fourteen then... went to a full time school. Girls only. Mum says that's what made me like that. Bull. Shit. I had these... these thoughts, for God's sake since junior high... hell even before that... Most people would refer to me as a lost case, past any redemption from the completely depressing thing my puny life was... they would refer to me as

"Hey mistake!"

I groaned and put the rest of my stuff inside the locker. I knew that voice. Gillian and her oh-so-ridiculous-we-are-the-best-people-around-you-don't-want-to-mess-with-the-wrong-sort... Yeah... all that.

"What do you want? " imbecile I thought by I knew better than to insult her publicly

"Nuthin', just bothering you... AS USUAL!" Gillian replied, with the usual disgusted look, as laughter erupted from behind her.

That was basically all my social interaction if it weren't for Jean. Speaking of which was right beside me.

"Hey!" I said, as I noticed her standing there. Actually, standing wasn't much of a term. Sitting is better. You see. Jean had been in a wheelchair since she was 6. Had some funny named disease.

Jean wasn't much of a friend. Forget that. Not my friend at all. I just pretended to be her friend so that someone would lend me stuff when I needed and all that. She was much more of a decoy. Just so Gillian and her stupid friends wouldn't have another reason to bother me. But then again, I had no friends.

I sighed as I entered my room. Thank God no one ever wanted to share it. It was a complete mess, clothes, paper, CDs, all thrown about and forgotten of... what most people would think of as messy, for me it was normal. More than that. It was comfortable. I grabbed my pencil, a paper and started working. It came out as a twisted looking girl. It was always a girl. I liked girls. All of 'em they're just so beautiful. Fuck, here I go again. Babbling about women. I'm helpless

Then I realized I hadn't turned my stereo on. So I did. And it came out like this:

"So when the music's over, yeah."

I sighed. Fuck this was going to be one looong week. I swore. Loud. It was Monday.

And then I heard it again...

"For the music is your special friend,

Dance on fire, as it intends

Music is your only friend"

Then I corrected something in my mind I had a friend. I smiled