Author's note: This is a depressing poem.. I'd rate it between PG and PG13 for FFN for mention of cutting.. If you steal it I'll kill you.. And the quote is from Enigma's song "Gravity of Love." It's not really part of my poem but it felt right in there.. Please read and review.

If I could hold you evermore and be surrounded by your arms

Rest my face against your breast and feel the heartbeat in your chest

The smell of roses faint on the wind-outrunning destiny

Blisters dry and cuts will heal

But scars of stars run all over

Inside inside

Inside my eyes . . .

I can't remember those kisses

That I stole away from you,

The memory of ghost breath upon my lips

Gone cold over time.

I wonder, just a question

Is it real?

"The path of excess leads to the tower of wisdom..."

Our paths, intertwined with barbed wire thorns are

Going separate ways

Shooting stars inside my eyes

Shooting scars are my demise

Somehow you manage to not get cut, but I am left

In your traces

Your memories are projected into my vision

I feel guilty because it feels so good

Rose-painted stained swirls

strawberry raspberry cherry swirls

liquid shining crimson pearls

I relive all the nights of pain

and open my wrists