Well... let's see if you can figure out what it means.

Abort! Abandon!

The lines of blue
Stared back at me,
Sunken into their pit of white.

I shudder to think
That we made such a mistake.
Why me?

We'd been so careful, timed it right,
Used every shield on hand.
And still we were left with the unwanted heartbeat.

Abort! Abandon!
Something screamed in my head.
You can't have this child!

But in my heart, I knew what I needed,
Not a pill, a drink, or a cigarette
I wanted that child, I needed it.

But now I see the mistakes I made
Were made for a reason.
I still regret what I did.

But no one can help what they do,
They only learn.
Learn from their mistakes.

I'll never make a mistake again.