-This Great Folly-


Darkened waters, graying skies,
And as it worsens, even more of them die.
They fight for their lives the best that they can,
But can't stop the destruction brought onto this land.

Be it a minuscule spider or a great whale,
All of their lives could be a great tale.
But as we destroy their homes with ours,
These magnificent stories are starting to sour.

It's too much to take, too many are killed,
The beaked, the winged, the clawed, the gilled.
None are spared from the treacherous plight,
And the fate of the world slips quickly to night.

Some of us realize this great folly we've made,
And we fight for the ones whose homes we invade.
But we are too few, there's too much to fight.
It seems that the world shall never be quite right.