Crimson, Crimson Everywhere

By Carter Tachikawa

(This is so not like anything else I've written. I don't do horror-based poetry usually but seeing Halloween is on the way, why not try one? I swear I am so dry of creative juices, it's not funny: ( Oh well. This is rated R btw. If you're not into rated R stuff, leave. Please leave than complain about how much you hate rated R stuff. I don't tolerate reviews like that. )

Crimson, crimson everywhere
On the walls, the ceiling, the marbled floor
Her hands, his face, her chest, his neck
Doused in thick, warm crimson
The two of them

{Oh love, don't worry. It's over}

Lips pouting, wet like raindrops
She hated what she once saw
Everything pure, everything white
Clean and boring, smooth and dull
Just to make things lively, she'd dig her nails into the walls
Bring them down the walls like they were chalkboards
No screeching sounds so she would scream
To make up for the silence

{Forgive me, my love. Silence is hell to me}

Angel, oh what an angel he was!
His halo disgustingly bright and warm
So hot, he burned her with his touch
His wit was sharp, his honesty brutal
And his love could kill
What a beautiful man he was.
No, what a beautiful, *living* man he was.

{Still beautiful, my love.
Still beautiful, soaking in red
Still beautiful by the table drowned in darker colors}

She hugged him, loved him, fucked him 'til he couldn't breathe
Squeezed him 'til he began to suffocate
Slithered around him, flicking her tongue out and lashing it against his cheek
Ice hands grasped his soft body and ruined it but it was no use
Try as hard as she could, she could never break his halo

{You were not nice, my love. You resisted.
I should have let you go but couldn't.
So I chose to keep you with me forever...}

The silver blade, gleaming in moonlight
Perfect. Just perfect.
And so went to where he lay, passed out
Drunk by her love, fucked up and unaware
His strong neck, smooth and creamy and clean
Glowed bright like the angel he was
She hated it.
She wanted to get rid of it.

{Don't hate me, my love. But your light is not my friend}

Slow, oh so slow, ran that blade under his chin
His face twitched as scarlet rivers poured from his cut
She carved another smile to complete his innocent looks
So deep and beautiful, he fell away
Down into dark eternity

{Forever, my love. Now I will keep you forever}

She loved what she did! It made her laugh!
No more light haunting her anymore!
Her love was still around as the bed he lay on turned dark
And the floor got slick
And she touched all the life that was pouring down from him
Tasted it.
Angels are sweet candy

{Delicious, my love. Your life is delicious}

Now he sits at the table and she feeds him
Dresses him when it's time to get ready
Brushes the silky hair, wipes his angel face
Laughs with delight, knowing she has won
Pleased by how different her life looks

{Crimson, crimson everywhere. Your life sticks everywhere, my love}

And her love is unaware. The cut on his neck visible
Sitting at the table he will never get up from
With the woman he will never escape from
In a world that is crimson, crimson everywhere

{Forever, my love}

She laughs. No more sickly glow.
No more light driving her insane
The angel's light dimmed and died

{But I do intend to keep you forever, my love.
Keep you like this forever}

~~~Well! My first horror thingy. I don't like this too much either. I rated it R for the "F-word" really. (My first R rated poem! Go me!) Don't worry, I intend to do happy stuff later. I promise!~~~