"Fading Image"

by Goth-girl

Raindrops fall in lucid clear

The light is now dark

What once was good, once was dear

Is convincingly stark

She could be young; she could be done

Even she doesn't know

All her life, she hides and runs

Sinking to sub low

Taking form of fire and ice

Her image is lone skin deep

Posing, pretending to be nice

Smoke and steam shall seep

Caught up in lies she almost trusts

Entangled in the rope of life

Evil, hating, is she such

Ignorance filled with fear

Is she hateful and pitiless

Or drowning in her own tears

Does she wish to be fearless

Or does she even burden

Herself with memories

Of those who cared then

Of her tragedy

She may be adrift

She may be gone

Sailing a denial ship

Until her own dawn

When her day befalls her

And the light turns on

For she is strong enough to lure

What she will always want