By:Andrew Troy Keller

Back at New York's own Hudson University,the brothers of the frat house,SIGMA ALPHA PI had been playing pranks on other students since the beginning of the fall semester.
However,that was before that one very frightful night--October 17th--which had suddenly became the last prank that they'll ever play.
That was the night that they had decided to go pull a prank on poor old Mrs. Hamilton,who had been living in the same house for 52 years.
As soon as they've reached the house,one of the brothers,George Dalton had gone into the house,while the others had waited outside.
At first,the plan was for George to grab all of Mrs. Hamilton's clothes,have her chase him out of the house and give the signal for the others to throw water-bombs at her.
But as soon as he had entered the master bedroom,he was shocked to discover a beautiful young woman sitting at the foot of the bed.
After she had gotten off the bed and took off her robe,the bare stranger had asked George if he wanted to join her for a private session of making love.
His answer had came in the form of him removing all of his clothes,walking towards the beauty and starting to caress each and every part of her body.
But then,when he had looked at the young woman one more time,he was shocked out of his mind,for he had discovered that the young woman was really Mrs. Hamilton,who was--in reality--a witch.
Meanwhile,out of the house,the other brothers ha suddenly heard George screaming bloody murder.
They had gone inside to find out and were shocked out of their minds,for they had discovered a decomposing corpse wearing George's clothes.
And they had each ran out of there like a shot,the brothers of SIGMA ALPHA PI had agreed on one thing--after that deadly prank,they are to do no more stupid stunts for as long as they live.