"Go put that away! Put it in the car!!" my "mother" yelled at me. She had been to a store and had purchased a package of candy for me.

My younger "brother" came running up, saying "I want it!"

"Oh-kay," I said, kindly, handing him the pack.

"NO!" my "mother" shrieked at me. "Don't give him that!! Save it for Sunday!!!"

And, this is what I get for trying my best to be a good Samaritan.

Very sorry for the rude introduction. I am Mochola. Yes, I am living on the human planet know as Earth. I am actually from a planet far, far away from Earth that is called Angrolia. It is a lovely little star planted out in the garden of stars and galaxies, approximately 17 000 000 000 lights years from the planet Earth.

I was sent here, to Earth, to study humans: their habits, their hobbies, their likes and dislikes, their recreation, their knowledge, and so on. Since I didn't want to create a great disturbance, I disguised myself as a young human, so as to observe the younger set, as well as the older set of humans. I used my telepathic hypnosis to trick a certain family into believing that I have always been with them. I go to a human high school, as it is referred to. A high school is a place where young humans that aren't children go to learn and prepare themselves for work training known as college. It's all a very complicated system, and I'm glad I was briefed of it before leaving Angrolia.

I've been living with this family for a little over a human time sequence of a year. There is the adult female that I previously referred to as my mother. Her human name is Kacey Marie Peyton. My human "father's" name is Andrew Jacob Peyton. And, my little "brother" is named Samuel Brian Peyton. Most people refer to him as "Sam" or "Sammy." Of course, I didn't keep my original name, Mochola. It was translated into Mark Anthony Peyton. I was very unsure of what would be a normal human name for someone of my age, build, stature, and weight. I found the name I chose in a book called World History. I find it very strange and unnerving that humans, or homo-sapiens, as they also call themselves, keep the same name for their entire life- span. Perhaps it is a strange custom to humans that Angrolians intermediately change their names.

The high school I attend is called "Forrest Grove High School." I take four classes each term. A term, also known as a semester, is half of a human year, which is a considerably long time, especially when one is stranded studying such boring creatures that can be amazingly full of life one minute, and droll and monotonous the next. In that sense, humans are very fascinating, yet, at the same time, they all wish for something else. They may not admit it, but they truly aren't satisfied with what they are. I believe that any race, any people should be proud to be what it is. After all, there's nothing one can do to change what they have been born with. Unless, of course, you count myself. I only do it for study, though. Otherwise, I wouldn't know a thing about homo-sapiens.

And, that's another thing. Contractions. I never had any use for them until I came here. Everything I ever said in my life is translated into them. My verbal translation morpher nearly blew a fuse because of those things! I did not even understand them myself until I took my first English course. I suppose it would be called "cheating" to say that I absorbed all of my book's knowledge into my mind.

For the term I was taking at the time, I had four subjects: English, chemistry, Spanish, and health. I could get along fairly well with all of my professors, also known as teachers, though some of them often "got on my case" as my mother often says.

I remember well my first day of attendance in Forrest Grove High School.

Very unsure of what to expect, I merely tried my best to blend in with my fellow classmates. I had a fairly difficult time trying to distinguish the males from the females and the students from the teachers. To tell the truth, most of them are identical, at least in my eyes. They are a very vibrantly colored species with many different arrays and shapes of clothing and hairstyles.

Perhaps I should elaborate on myself before I go on with my first day in attendance at the high school.

Unlike humans, I have but one name, which is Mochola, once translated into earthian. I someday plan to change it to Crast, but this will be after I have left the earth and my studies. To me, humans are indescribably ugly, to be blunt, so I suppose that my cellular structure and body formations would be somewhat grotesque to a human. I do not own as many functioning body parts as a human. I have two structures that are similar in task to human arms, but that look completely different. They are not only different in color, but in shape, length, weight, structure, and texture. The only way to accurately describe their texture would be to compare them to the scales of a fish. They are called, in Angrolian, plads. I do not have anything similar to human legs, but a firm strump on which I rest all of my weight. My "face," as it would have to be called, is known as a monsh. It is similar to the face of a human crocodile or alligator. My skin coloring varies throughout my body from colors of auburn to olive to lime. While humans consistently fret about their weight and size, Angrolians are the same about their height. We consider the human height of 4'5" to be perfect. However, I have yet to meet a human who has achieved a perfect height. Even I greatly exceed the limit at a height of 5'11".

When I was very young, I studied to be what was called a monoscrat, or, as translated, a philosopher. I studied for many, many years, but soon found that it wasn't my calling, as I was asked to perform a simple task for the Greater Bureaucracy. They wanted me to study some more. On non-Angrolians. Sadly, I had to comply, for a refusal to a request from the Greater Bureaucracy was suicide.

Earlier on in my life, before my "birth," as it is translated, commenced, I was in my egg. All Angrolians are birthed from eggs, as humans would call them. It is strange to think that humans have parents that initiate their birth. An Angrolian birth from an egg can be referred to as nothing other than a natural phenomenon. We have been studying theories of our births each year on the very same day, altogether. We all have the same "birthday." Most scientists believe that this is because we need the correct Angrolian and atmospheric and sound, speed, and light conditions for the phenomena to occur.

Angrolians are all born with what is called the "natural knowledge." Unlike humans, who are born with little or no knowledge, we know enough to attain a living status, as well as a social one. When we are "born," we are at the ultimate size, shape, and whatnot that we ever are to attain.