These r half rap/half song little.....thingies that i want ppl to use, so tell me in ur review if u want to use one
None of them thus far have any real meaning, I'll say so if I write one that does


Hey you
stranger in the corner there
why don't you come over here
and talk to me
like you did back then
when we were friends
how long has it been?
A month a year,
but what I fear
it seems like a century
it's all the same to me
in distant time
when you were mine
I remember well
When I could always tell...

Chorus:Way back in yesteryear, I can recall you there
In the time of yesterday, you were the one who cared
I went to you when life went down
My pier of strength with unstable, ground
Yesteryears have gone by, and yesterdays too,
but I still miss those days, when I spent 'em all with you

It's been an eternity
since you talked to me
why is that? I already know
but why'dya have to go?
I don't always understand,
what's at hand
Not the brightest of the stars above
can't comprehend love
but then again
who can
Is it even possible
it's improbable
but that's life
what can you do
you just gotta make it through
I'll say it again, it's all up to you
Yesterday, yesteryear, what's the difference there
I don't see it if it's even there
it's ilogical
much like, anything you can name
same rules, of the game
Now all I reallly want to know
one final time
why'dya go?
I miss all the times we had,
and now you left me, feeling bad.

I didn't mean to cause you pain,
that wasn't apart of the game,
now you've gone, it's all over then,
I know I wouldn't do it again.
So one last chance I'm pleadin'
for you and I succeedin'
I spent 'em all with you

Scream in the water