i hate this storm
it's not normal
thunder stops
lightening rocks
the ground
that shakes
and makes
me move
and takes me too
drags me under
i can't breathe
i can't surrender

i'm trying to be
to work like i could
but if i'm not like that
i don't know why i should
to try?
to fly?
that'sNOTHING to me
i'd die
if i tried
to open my eyes
and see what i saw when you last knew me
so stop

don't drag me under
don't drag me down
i don't need that now
i'm doing it myself
don't chain me up
to a wall
or to the ground
i've chained myself up
to the sand
so i drown
and i drown
yeah, so what
what of it
it's not like you can stop it
you think that you got it
you don't got nothing
that i can't see
and i'll tell you something
i don't see anything
so what have you got now?

yeah, stare me in the eye
and say what you said
cause i've already read
what's in your mind
what's turning your brain
if you want to know the truth
i think you're insane
because here you are standing
in front of me like you're cool
when you've probably got family
or are you over that, too?

whatever, so yell
scream in my face
tell me i'm wrong
you're not a disgrace
defend yourself like a fool
when i already told you i knew
i knew
i know what it is
i know what you're fearing
what time it is
i know the storms coming
i've been waiting for it too
i know i can handle it
the question's can you?