It seems a lot longer now that I think about it. I never really thought years could fly by that way. But I guess when there is no end to those years; they could start drifting away. You start taking the simple things for granted. Life loses all meaning when you live forever. I realize that it is my duty to record history as it happens. To witness the making of the present world. Every little thing that has happened through the centuries has had some effect on the present day. No matter how insignificant it may seem then. Example being Stone Henge. Scientists are still baffled by the meaning of it. That was built before my time as well. I have been told by my elders though the meaning of it. Back in their day, the people that didn't know what it was for must have just thought it rocks. Lined up nicely for show. Now, some people spend years contemplating every possibility.

My story is a long and sad one. In my many years I have faced such things as heartache, pain, the suffering of living many, many years alone. Watching the world suffer through the eyes of a killer of man. Some parts of my life are quite amazing also. I have seen more then any human being. Writing history as it happens. Yes, my story is very difficult at times for me to speak of. But if you care to listen, I will tell you.

It began over 8 centuries ago. I was a young girl, living with my family in a small farmhouse outside of a near by village. We lived wealthy, as my father was the founder of the village. Our house was large enough for several families to live in. But we lived just with my father, mother and I. I was their treasure. It was the idea that I was an only child. They had hoped for at least one more, but it never happened. So I was their most precious item they possessed. They wanted me to marry rich and wanted nothing but the best for me. As your average child I was adventurous. Always getting into some sort of trouble or mischief with elders or others in the village. Our many servants waited on my hand and foot for me to ask for something. As happy I was there, I needed something more. Having this life was not enough for me. I spent a lot of my time trying to get away from the servants that followed me to keep me safe. And every time I did this, I wandered farther out of the village.

This went on for several years, until I reached the age of 12. My father and mother were already preparing my wedding arrangements for the following year. I had seen my husband to be wandering our home quite often. Conversing with my parents and discussing things with them. I knew him to be an honest man, who was quite wealthy. He was charming and suave. His long black hair tied with a ribbon and accented his pale features. His green eyes were deep and always looked as if they were in thought. I admired him, but could never see myself married to such a man. He was already at the age of 22. Ten years older then I was. His father was good- friends with my father. I dared not argue with my parents about the marriage. I knew better.

Later one evening, when my father was talking to my husband to be, I sneaked out. I crawled out of my bedroom window and climbed my way to the ground. The brick on our house made that easy. When I reached the ground I headed for the outers of the village. The streets were lined with cobblestone and small stores in which mostly my father owned. When I reached the outskirts of the city I found a large rock in the middle of a heavily forested area. Pretty much all around the village was heavily forested. Seating myself comfortably on this rock I stared off at the sky. Contemplating my future. These thoughts have long since left me. I remember feeling no sense of fear. I knew robbers often lurked around our village in the forests. But I suppose there are fates worse then death.

As my eyes slowly began to fall I was startled by a rustling in the bushes. I turned my attention towards it. My heart thundering in my chest as I awaited the figure to emerge. My breath caught up in my throat as a staggering male fell from the bushes. Now the lighting wasn't great, you must remember this was at night. So I squinted my eyes together to try and make out this stranger.

From what I could see, this was a man. I would guess around mid 20's. His face bloody, but no signs of scars or cuts. His clothing was well wore and battered. Barely clinging together.

He looked up at me weakly as he lay on the ground.

"Good sir, are you injured?" I questioned as I stepped off the rock.

He stared at me for a moment before shaking his head in response. He slowly made his way to his knees. And I made my way a little closer to him.

"Are you sure, good sir? Your face is a bloody mess" I tried to ask again as politely as I could. I didn't want to come across as rude. My parents told me it was not very lady-like.

"I assure you I am alright. Just a little hungry and tired" he smiled at me. He seemed like a decent man to me. Then again I have never met anyone away from my parents before.

"Perhaps I can get you some food and a place to stay?" I smiled back and walked a little closer to him and sat on my knees as well.

He stared deeply into my eyes. I saw something in him that I have never seen in anyone before. It was almost inhuman.

"You are a very kind little girl. But I could not accept your help" The man stated and looked up at the sky. I watched the stars sparkle in his eyes as if he has never seen them before. His hands clenched up in fists and he looked back at the ground.

"They're beautiful aren't they?" I said grinning like the child I was.

As I studied this man more, I realized how beautiful he was under all the mess. His long golden brown hair was uneven and tangled to no end. But he was an utter vision. I looked at his hands and they looked as soft as the skin on his face. His complexion was paler then any I have ever seen. His whole body appear this pale. I extended my hand to touch his face. I cupped his cheek and stroked it with my thumb. It was as smooth as I had thought. He turned his head suddenly to the side. He looked up at the stars again.

"It's been so long since I have seen them" he responded finally.

I did not question him then. I didn't want to intrude onto him. I just nodded and looked up with him.

"Why is a young girl like yourself, out here all alone?" he asked as he crossed his legs and sat flat on the ground.

I seated myself the same way and answered. "I needed to get away from my parents for awhile." I didn't know what else to say. My soon to be marriage was none of his business.

"Don't take your parents for granted. Everything they do is for the best. And one day when they are gone, you'll will treasure the moments you spent with them" he said as if he were an old man.

I looked him over once again. Taking his full figure into examination.

"What is your name?" I implored. I was honestly dying to hear it.

"Gallion, Derrim Gallion" he responded. His eyes closed lightly for a moment then he looked at me.

"I'm Lydia" I smiled as I extended my hand to him. My last name was not important.

He smiled back and lifted my hand to kiss it. His soft lips touch my cool hands for only a moment before he lowered my hand again. I felt a shiver run through me and I could help but smile again.

"Please let me find you food and shelter. I will have it no other way" I was persistent. I couldn't help it.

The man laughed a quiet and comforting laugh before he nodded his head slightly. Knowing he couldn't win. He stood up slowly.

I knew my parents had just recently left for a sort of social gathering that they often go to. So there would only be the servants in the house. I took this young man named Derrim by the hand and led him all the way back to my home. I watched as he took in all the scenery and miscellaneous shops as we walked. His eyes darted back and forth, taking in every second and booking it to memory.

When we finally reached our destination, he stared in amazement. I tugged at his hand to follow me inside. His pace was slow and steady, no matter how a tried to tug.

"Madeleine, will you please get our guest a change of clothing?" I smiled to the first servant I saw.

She nodded and smiled at me. Another servant followed her and they left the room.

"That wasn't part of the deal" Derrim laughed.

I shrugged my shoulders and laughed. "Wait here a moment". He nodded and I walked off to find another servant. I found one waiting near a door. I spoke to her softly in Greek, as so Derrim could not hear. I knew not even if he spoke Greek, but it didn't matter. I asked the maid to wash him up before he changed his clothing. She nodded and walked over to where he was standing. She gently took his hand and began leading him out of the room. A threw a worried glance at me. I just nodded and smiled; telling him it was all right with my eyes.

He just smiled and shook his head. While I waited for him to be washed up. I found where the servants were picking out clothes. I helped choose a flattering blue velvet outfit. Complete with cloak. I pictured him in it and I knew he would look amazing. I decided to go see how he was doing. I made my way down the corridors to where the bathing room was. I knocked lightly on the door and opened it slowly.

"May I come in" I asked politely, not wanting to intrude.

"It is your home. I cannot stop you from entering" Derrim laughed.

I laughed as well and entered the large bathroom. When I looked at Derrim I almost fell over. He a vision to behold. The servant girls all held buckets of water and warm cloths. Derrim sat with his back against the edge of the tub and facing me. His hair was brushed out and wet. Now that it was brushed, it was longer. It floated around in the water around him. His face now clean and sparkling. His eyes stood out even more. His pale chest had gotten little color from the warm water. Candles were lit around the bath to sooth him.

I could only smile as I saw what a clear vision he was. No word could have described this being but amazing.

"You are a goodness, young Lydia" Derrim smiled as leaned forward a little. "I owe you my life".

"You shall owe me nothing if you tell me stories of your travels" I grinned. Every since I can remember I loved hearing stories from travelers far and wide. I could spend endless hours into the night, far past my bedtime, conversing with strangers, them telling me stories of theirs travels. And I wrapped up in my blankets listening contently.

Derrim laughed again and nodded agreeing to my wants.

"Allow me to get changed and meet me in your most comfortable room. I will have your servants show me there when I am ready" Derrim said as he prepared to emerge from the bath.

My faces gleamed as I nodded and took my leave of the bathroom. I pranced the whole way to the library. Which I always felt was the most comfortable room. Something about being surrounded by books and literature that were decades, even centuries old, comforted me to no end. I pulled chairs close to the fire. And took a seat in one of them. Waiting for the beloved Derrim to make his presence in the library. Patiently I sat. Not moving an inch. Finally he poked his head in the room and smiled.

"Please, come in" I said perhaps to eagerly.

Derrim entered the room and closed the door behind him. He looked at the chairs suddenly and stopped.

"Young Lydia, why are we sitting so close to the fire?" he asked in a strange tone. Almost as if he was in fear.

"I thought it would be comforting" I answered, completely unaware.

Derrim walked up to me and knelt down, careful as to not have his back to the flames. "Let us move the chairs back a bit. The fire is still a little too bright for my eyes".

I nodded without question and slid off my chair. We moved them till they were about 15 or so feet away from the fire.

"There, much better" Derrim grinned as he took a seat. "Now what is it you would like me to tell you?" he asked in a pleasuring tone.

"Tell me where you are from, if you don't mind, if you don't want to, I'll understand" I thought myself being a little too pushy. I didn't want him to feel uncomfortable.

Derrim hesitated for a moment. I could see the wheels in his head moving. "How about I tell you about some of my travels, and how I came to get here?"

I nodded happily. I was a curious little child. I always was, and I still am. I've been told though that curiosity can often get you into trouble. But I didn't care.

"I began traveling with my parents when I was about your age. Maybe even a little older. My father was a tradesman and a seller of goods. My mother was the one who would makes the good we sold or traded. Now I was never a big fan of the barter. But I went along with them so I could see the world. We never stayed in one place more then a week or two. So I had no time to make friends. I was a very lonely child. The only friend I ever had was a little doll my mother made me when I was 3. I treasured that doll more then life itself. It was a poorly made rag doll that you would often find cast away in the streets. But I didn't care. It was my most prize possession.

This went on for years. Until I reached the age of 21. At that age, something happened that I would really not like to discuss. I'm terribly sorry, but I cannot speak of it."

I nodded understandingly and urged him to continue.

"For years after that I wondered around only in darkness. My parents had been killed by barbarians, only a few short months ago. The heart aches and need for revenge was the only things that kept me going in that dark time. I knew not of what I would do if I ever found these being. Or who they were. But with a pain like that burden upon my heart I cared not.

My travels took me to a small Romanian city where I made my first friend. His name was Luther, and he was a lot like me in many, many ways. I eventually fell in love with him. I had never known true friendship before the night I met him.

We met in a tavern on the edge of city. He was sitting alone in a darkened corner. Staring at his drink as if he had never seen such a thing before. I watched him with curiosity. His every move was new to me. I approached him and asked if I could be seated. He smiled at me and nodded. He looked in need of a friend as well.

As I studied this figure I noticed he was extremely well refined. His clothing was rich and colorful. A dark red, perhaps even burgundy if my memory doesn't deceive me. His hair was of golden blond and curled with gentle flowing curls, framing his pale and flawless face perfectly. He sat like a gentleman with his hands clasped together resting on the table. His eyes piecing right through me as if he knew my every thought and didn't have to speak a word aloud to him. He was truly a vision in my eyes"

"He sounds absolutely beautiful" I began. I stopped for a short moment. He nodded his head with a remembering smile and continued.

"We talked long hours into the night until the tavern finally closed. He insisted that I return with him to his home and we talk more. How could I resist such a thing? I took up his offer graciously and proceeded with him home.

"You strike me as a lost soul" Luther spoke softly to me as we wondered the streets.

"No, my soul itself has been lost" I whispered with great regret and sadness.

He put his arm around me shoulders and held me close to him as if he felt my sadness. Both of us held emptiness inside of us. I could feel it I swear I could. It was like something was bonding us to each other. What it was I couldn't say, not even now.

As we walked, Luther kept whispering soft words into my ear. Telling me about his home. His apparently very large home. I realized how much I loved having someone that close to me. I felt so safe being embraced this way. A wind had picked up around us and we walked slightly faster. It had been so long since I had talked with someone for more then a few minutes. And never had a connection joined me to another person. Never in my life.

His house was a veritable palace. A large mansion which seemed to spare no expense on decorating down to the slightest detail. A magnificent garden filled with various fountains and trees. Flowers of all kinds grew free in the well-kept grasses. Tiny shrubberies were scattered about in an artist's fashion. It was breath taking. My mind ran rampant with thoughts of the animal beings that have made their home in this garden.

Luther smiled a gentle grin and whispered "You are easily amazed my friend. But you appear so kind hearted".

I didn't even turn my head away as I laughed and followed him into the house. A lovely young lady dressed in casual work wear opened the large white doors. She smiled at me with a welcoming grin. Her brown eyes danced around in mine only momentarily before she closed the doors and walked away.

"Looks like you live quite well here" I grinned.

Luther turned and faced me as he took a moment to examine me. I also got a better chance to examine him. Tavern light isn't the greatest you know. I took to memory that he was a bit taller than I. My eyes were about level with his chin."

Derrim looked at me with loving eyes.

"I find it almost funny how much you and Luther treated me a lot the same" he said as he drifted into thought.

"Luther sounds like a very amazing person. Please tell me more" I begged. The story was so intriguing to me.

Derrim nodded.

"Luther circled me and took all of my features into his head. He studied me like a work of art.

"I could sense you coming" He whispered into my ear. He was standing behind me with his hands resting on my shoulders. His ever word hit me like a brick wall" Derrim paused again and looked into the fire. I thought know. Something just isn't human about this. He isn't human. I knew it. Something in me told me that he was different.

"What are you?" I asked all too bluntly.

He turned at me suddenly with shock in his eyes.

"Oh god I knew I shouldn't have told you! I must leave, please forget me!" Derrim said urgently as he stood up.

"No! Please! Wait just a moment!" I pleaded.

He stopped with his back facing me. His head hung down and I heard him sigh heavily.

"Tell me what you are. I promise not to speak a word of this to anyone. Never. You can trust me" I pleaded further.

He slowly turned around and looked me dead in the eyes. I saw that inhuman thing again lurking behind guilt.

"I'm not human." he began. He looked as if he may cry. His glossy eyes darted back and forth in mine. He looked at the ground before continuing. "I haven't been human for a some time now."

I felt my heart once again beating against my chest so hard I thought it my break. I had no response. I only wanted to know more. What sort of inhuman being could he be? Would he try to hurt me for being so curious?

"I'm a vampire" he finished, almost all to casually.

Now when I was younger I had heard a lot about these things they called vampires. And even at that young age I thought them only to be myth. A hoax to keep children in at nighttime. Such things never fazed me. But my whole life seemed somehow effected by those three simple words he said. I believed him right away for starters. I didn't think he would lie to me. Not like that.

"What do you mean by vampire. I've heard so many rumors and suspicions; I'm not sure what to believe anymore." I asked. Letting my curiosity take me too far again.

Derrim took a few deep breaths. I was assuming he wasn't sure what to say. But finally he spoke. "Blood drinking, stealer of lives. Night-stalker. That sort of vampire".

I nodded. Not sure what to say myself. I quickly took a glance at the fire and stood up.

"I don't care" I stated. I took a few steps towards him.

He took a large step back.

"Derrim, please. I don't care what sort of. being you are. I like you for who you are" I smiled at him.

"You have no idea what kind of being I am" Derrim huffed.

I thought for a second. "Tell me. tell me more of your story. Maybe I can learn a little bit more about you then?" I shot forth. I truly and honestly wanted to know more. I knew I would never have this opportunity again.

"My story is a sad and long one"

"It would mean a lot to me if you would tell it"

Derrim laughed. "Such a curious child".

"Yes, I've been told that by many people"

Derrim slowly went back and took his seat. "Perhaps then I should start again with my mortal death. Then I will pick up again where I left off?"

I nodded with great pleasure and smiled widely at him. He nodded back.

"At the age of 21. I met a woman who was only a few years older then me. She was beautiful. He long black hair flowed behind her like a river. She had a smell that could out shine a flower's. I remember all too well. She had enchanted me. She took me to a secret cave and sang me sweet songs. I was never sure what happened, but I always woke up from there, not knowing I fell asleep. But I didn't care. I was with a amazing creature. Even if I felt drained of my energy for the whole day. Nothing mattered anymore except sending time with her.

Then one day came when she told me that I would never had pain again. That I would live to see history and tell it in words to the world. I had no clue what she meant. Until I felt her teeth sinking deeper and deeper into my throat. All my pain and memories flooded back to me in a haze. I knew at that very moment that life would never again be the same for me.