So as you may have guessed it, Derrim came for me the next night. He held his end of the promise and came just after sunset. During the last dinner I had with my parents I fought back every tear that was in my body, every one of them threatening to escape at any moment. After dinner I told them I loved them and ran off to my room and Derrim was already there waiting for me. I remember the expression on his face as if he were sitting in front of me now. He gave me a look that was a mix between a polite smile and a nervous glance. Although somehow I knew that he knew what he was doing was the right thing to do. I changed into a new outfit and he scooped me up in his arms. I took nothing with me except one last glance at my room.

I wondered what my parents would think when they saw that I was gone. I wondered how they would react and how much pain that would cause them.

"Just a moment" I said climbing out of his arms. I ran over to a table where a piece of parchment and a writing tool lay. I made my last goodbyes to my parents on that piece of paper.

"Dear Mom and Dad,

I have gone away and I never will return. I assure you that I love you very much and this decision was not made by something you have done. I made this choice on my own and I will not regret it. I will never forget your faces and the love that you have shown me. I love you with every part of me and hope that this will not cause too much hurt to you, for this is not my intention.

Please also tell me husband to be that I am sorry.

I love you both. Please do not fear or weep, I am in good hands and will be all right.


I placed the note carefully on my bed and ran back towards Derrim. He gave me a look of questioning, almost to make sure that I did not tell them the whole situation. I nodded in reassurance and he picked me up again. He pressed my face into the nape of his neck.

"Close your eyes, and don't let go of me" He whispered.

I remember feeling the cool night breeze streaming past me in great waves, I clung closer to Derrim to try to shield away some of the bitter cold wind. Derrim pulled his cloak around me and smiled down upon me.

I shall never forget that smile.

Now here I am, a vampire, an immortal, whatever you may call me. I have walked this earth for around 400 years and have met very few of our kind. Our numbers grow thinner and the old friends I meet die off. Immortality can become tiresome for a few I suppose. I could never imagine giving away the life that I had been given.

I thought of Derrim often, even though I had not seen him in over 300 years. I know not what happened to the vampires in this story, besides the ones who died. When Derrim and I were together he still believed that somewhere, Laden was alive and well. I often asked him about his friend Luther, but of that he never spoke. I have been alone and had not shared my immortal gift with another living soul. Derrim told me that there are only few who would accept the immortal gift, only very few. But the world goes on and vampires walk amongst you, without you knowing I'm sure.

So what keeps me going in these times you may ask?

I'm not even sure; I am alone and terribly lonely. I find my solace in drunken people, as Derrim once did. I understood quite quickly how he found these so amusing. I also found it quite sad though. I move around from home to home and throw vast amounts of money on furnishings and decorations for my home just to feel some sort of happiness for a short period of time. I enjoy watching people do what they do how they would do. I couldn't imagine myself being human anymore, it seemed almost absurd at this point.

300 years… it seems so long, and yet in those years on my own I accomplished nothing. I have done nothing great, I have no great stories to tell you. I have my memories and myself, nothing more.

It wasn't until one night late in December when I had a thought; I wanted to find these missing vampires. I missed the stories of travelers and the such. That's what I needed in my immortal life. I needed the same thing I did back when I was a small girl.

So that is what I am to do. I will find what became of these vampires and I will speak with them. I also took a strong interest in the vampire clan that Derrim had spoke of… perhaps I would find them in my search for these vampires.

With this goal in mind, I move on. I leave this life of immortal nothingness behind… because as I said, the world goes on. We all see the world different ways, this was just a glimpse in the eyes of the damned.