I can't figure out If You Like Me o Or if I just annoy you

You never call You never e-mail And I don't know why

I don't know if it's because you're busy Or if it's another girl Or because you're too scared

Or you just don't care And if you're just sick of me, Trying to avoid me.

When I look around, I see you everywhere When I take a breath, I feel/taste you in the air

I stay awake at night Just thinking about you And wondering whether or not You're thinking of me too

I wish that you could only see Just what you do to me

Whenever I'm around you, I feel free

Until I remember Just what you think of me

I wish I could express my true feelings to you but I'm too scared to say it to your face So I do it the best way I know how By writing it all down for you And hoping you'll figure it out Maybe then you'll discover what it's all about.