By:Andrew Troy Keller

My name is John Farnsworth,
A space-traveler from the planet Earth.
I had gone far and away--
From Saturn to the Milky Way.
But,I could tell you this--I miss my life on Earth.

I miss going to the mall on Saturdays.
I miss going to a Indians baseball game on Sundays.
But,the one thing that I miss most of all
Is spending each and every day with Lauren McCall,
The one woman who--in my opinion--is beautiful in every way.

And if I had my way,
I would rather be spending my remaining days
On Earth with my beloved Lauren than
Spend one more minute inside this floating sardine can.
However,I have no choice,but to let it remain this way.

Look,if there really is a God somewhere out there,
Please have pity on me and return me to where
I really do belong.
You see,I've realized that my life choice was wrong.
I really should not had left there.

And if my beloved Lauren is reading
This,I hope to see you again,darling.
It might be sooner
Or later.
But,I will see you again,my darling.

All I ask is that you wait for me,
Dearest Lauren.Just please wait for me.
It might not be long.
Just please--for me--be strong.
Please do it for me.

Because for all it's worth,
You are indeed the most important part of my life on Earth.