~Last night, I was watching Band Of Brothers and they had these scenes were they were liberating a concentration camp and I was totally blown away. To tell the truth, although this is a passionate subject for me, I was always too scared to see footage of the camp and I didn't think that Band Of Brothers would make it that..horrifying. Anyways, you guys would probably much rather read the rest of the story then hear me blabber, so here it is. One more thing! Thank you so much to the people who reviewed. It means so much to me! Thank you thank you thank you!

October 10, 1942

Dear diary:

Almost half the people are gone. This is bad, real bad.

January 1, 1943

Dear diary:

I skipped Hanukah and Christmas because I didn't see the point. I've skipped all the other holidays, why write for those? Another year has flown by. So fast....

January 10, 1943

Dear diary:

I regret that I will have to leave out all the details of the most important event in my life, but I must. If you are found then all will be lost. The Nazis are going to deport the rest of us soon if we don't do anything. Uncle Yizhak and a lady named Tizvio are organizing a secret plan. Everybody is in it. I have met two new friends, Ingeline and her brother, Rene. Their parents had died in the ghettos a year ago Ingeline is very nice and the same age too, while Rene tends to be a bit more on the protective side. They remind me so much of Aaron and Miriam... We had met through a meeting in which we made our plans to fight back. I have said too much. -Eva

January 13, 1943

Dear diary:

Here's the plan. We have gotten hold of arms through the help from Joseph's family and a lot of other resistance workers. When the Nazis come, we must fight back. Not for our lives, but for our dignity. We know we'll not win. So that the world will see that we, the Jews are not cowards.

January 16, 1943

Dear diary:

The Nazis came today, thinking of another victory. Ha, weren't they surprised when a bunch of 'worthless' Jews fired right back! We managed to kill several of their soldiers. They'll be back soon.

January 20, 1943

Dear diary:

They came again today, this time with more men. We managed to make them retreat again but I fear the next time will not be as easy. We also lost 2 of our own.

November 11, 1945

Dear diary:

This shall be my last entry. This diary has too much pain and suffering in it for me to possibly write another.

As expected, we lost. The Nazis came in the next week to set the entire ghettos on fire. Ingeline did not survive. She along with the buildings were set aflame. Uncle Yizhak and Tzvia were shot. Aunt Becca must have died, for I know nothing concerning her whereabouts. In the midst of all the chaos Joseph managed to catch my attention. He had, beneath all the rubble made a small hidden tunnel so we escaped. I have no one in the world now. Where will I live? I am currently living with Joseph and his family, but I cannot forever. When will all this madness stop? What more greater horrors await us in the future? But I must not think such thoughts. Instead, I must count my blessings. Think of all those unfortunate people who were sent to the work camps.

The Germans, who hate us so simply because they were brainwashed by the servant of the devil himself whose promises were fulfilled, but at the expense of others. If it weren't for the evidence, people would probably think that this was all a haunting story. Even thought I have lived and survived what is known as the holocaust, my words could not yet describe it. No one in any language would ever be able to fully describe the horrors I have seen. I feel as if my soul is burning up along with them. Then there are the courageous men and women of the resistance. Angels, every one of them.

And those who did not survive- may their voices not be silent. May their stories be heard, and their spirits be remembered.

For the last two years, I had been running and hiding from the Nazis unti I met up with Rene again in Italy. He too, escaped but not before he saw the burning of his sister. A memory that will scar his heart forever. Rene and I are going to be married next year. That is all.

Now dear friend, it's goodbye for the last time.

I have lived though many things many people can not imagine beyond their wildest imaginations. These things have left scars, something that shall never disappear. The locket and my gown is the only thing I still own that contains traces of my family's once existance.

Life is something very precious, Please do not take what you have already for granted. I and many others have learned it the hard way.

Today, I am 80 years old, and that was my story.

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