This remains title-less....I doubt I will find a title...

I stand

Leaning against the wall

Sinking down its length

Melting into a puddle of sadness

My cells spread like molecules on the floor

Spreading their sorrows

Spreading their pain

Spilling out their sadness across the wall

I feel like I will never be put back together

The words penetrate my body from my head to my slippered feet

I remain, blinking in Morse code

Afraid to let words leave my lips as they stick in my throat

You plow through

I can say nothing except

"I'm sorry."

You glare at me as you continue to list what I've done wrong.

I stand

Choking and sputtering on my thoughts

As my face remains blank and blinking

"Don't you have anything to say for yourself?!"

The anger must be pumping through your veins

You stare at me with hot white anger, gritting your teeth

I blink

And shake my head

You growl and stalk off

I race to my room

Trying to calm myself

But to no avail.

I just melt down to a puddle

Hoping the floor will absorb me

So I won't ever have to face anything again.

A/N It explains what happens when I wanna run away from the world...Have you ever felt like that? Review... if you liked it..