Iridescent Venom

Crawling up your stairway to heaven
Losing grip with scintillating stardust on my palms
Sliding from the rungs, frailty displayed
Met by scarlet jaws of flame
Suffocated by your memory; denying the ability
To reminisce your kisses and your voice

My stomach twists as I see your face, I divert my gaze
Asphyxiated with guilt and trying to erase the past
So that it doesn't haunt your eyes
Like a saline summer storm; against my will I silence my voice
Upon seeing your beautiful visage, hoping to dissolve
Into the jostling crowd

That only leaves me disconcerted as I descend
Met by a blistering inferno of tarnished recollections
Flesh burned by impure resolution, soul fractured with the
Claws of deceit and gossip

Once my flame; fingertips and tenderness, an Eden of sensuality
A sanctuary of bliss, the epitome of dreams
Twice my burn; indignity blossoming from impatient, crude tongues
And the aftermath of drowning in the fiery ecstasy of taboo actions

Forgive me