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Chapter 1

She awoke. Images swam in front of her eyes dimly, blindly. She stood up shakily as the images focused into clear pictures. Once more she was in the strange, lush, green jungle. Wind blew at her hair as she pushed her way through giant leaves in a gown. She fell to the ground tripping over the hem over her dress. She cursed the dress and her own clumsiness. Dusting herself off she walked on through the leaves flinching as each leaf backfired into her face. Something in the darkness whispered her name, it wasn't hers originally, but somehow she had to respond to it. She felt annoyed at the darkness, as it was playing a game with her. She found the way to the end of the horrible path to the same clearing. There he stood. He had silvery blonde hair that shone in the moonlight. He was tall. That familiar look of desperation took his blue eyes. She walked toward him looking up at the sky hoping it wouldn't suck her up as it did once before. The blonde boy started to run.

"Wait!" she cried. "Who are you?" The boy didn't answer. "Answer me!"

"Timatis!" he hollered. "Have mercy on me!" The darkness and the wind began to blow harder, faster and stronger than she had ever felt it. They whisked her up into the air. She screamed.

Em sat bolt upright panting.

"Emalia!" cried her mother running into the room. "Are you all right?"

"That... dream..." she murmured.
"We have to do something about that sweetheart," soothed her mother. "Maybe you need counselling?"

"No way!" Em, who preferred to be called Em rather than Emalia, cried. "I may be a bit nuts but I'm not THAT insane!"

"Doctor Fiorelli says every dream means something," Said her mother, in the melodic tones she'd heard for years. "I think it's something in your childhood, a traumatic event perhaps? Or maybe a deep lying fear?"

"I think it's just my imagination being predictable," Em retorted dryly. "Mum, I'll be ok. I'm just slowly going insane." Her mother had been into psychology lately. As well as herbal remedies.

"If you're ok, I'll go back to bed," She said, yawning like a lion. And with that she did. Em looked at the ceiling. She sighed. It was going to be impossible drifting back to sleep. She walked to her window and opened it listening to the waves crash on the beach nearby. The waves seemed to lull her in to a break of calm. The dream had been more vivid tonight. More realistic. The one thing Em couldn't seem to get over was the boy. The boy with silver-blonde hair and electric blue eyes. His handsome face distorted in pure fear. Em shuddered. Whatever torture that guy had gone through must have been horrendous. Em wished she knew what it was. She wished she knew who the boy was. He was rather cute in her opinion.

"Did you call to her again last night Ramedi?" A low growl from Lord Tyguil filled Ramedi's ears.

"Who?" Ramedi stammered.

"The Star Child you fool," Tyguil hissed.

"No my lord," He replied. "It was blocked."

"You are not trying hard enough," the old lord hissed. "We need her Ramedi. No one can undermine our plans."

"She shows much resilience my lord," Ramedi insisted. "They must have magic up there. Great amounts."

"Stupid boy," Tyguil scoffed. "There is no magic in that place. You waste my time and I am leaving. In the meantime, scry. That's your only useful talent." Ramedi scowled. Why did old Tyguil have to be so demanding? He peered into the pool of clear, crystal water.

What do you want to see? The water asked.

"I would like to see the Star Child," Ramedi replied nervously. He knew he wasn't supposed to scry for her, but he felt compelled to. The elusive depths swum and images appeared. There she was again, laughing soundlessly. She looked so happy, so peaceful. Ramedi wondered why they had to sacrifice such a happy girl to what his land suffered. Raven black hair fell in his deeply set green eyes.

"Master Ramedi," Regarded a calm, melodic voice from the doorway. "How be things?"

"Prince Dilonas! Your Highness!" Ramedi gasped trying to bow. The prince held up a hand to stop him.

"Dilon to you," He mumbled, embarrassed. "Are you scrying for the mystical maiden again?" Ramedi nodded sheepishly. "Lend me your mind. I wish to see." He obeyed and let Dilon into his mind.

"Have you called her?" Ramedi asked.

"Of course," Said Dilon. "I can see her now. Timatis, she holds all the beauty I have ever seen in a single beacon. I will protect her if she is brought here you realise."

"I do," Ramedi replied. "What if old Tyguil finds out?"

"You forget young Ramedi," The Prince began. "I'm a prince of the house of Huilyan. Higher of rank than old Tyguil."

"True," Ramedi concluded.

"I propose we go there on a quest for her," Dilon suggested. "Let us explore her world, Lilaegi. Or Midland. I have always had the desire for it."

"It would be dangerous Master Dilon," Ramedi insisted. "We may not be able to find our way back."

"Ah Master Ramedi," Dilon began slyly. "I have that figured out. I went to into her world one turn ago and managed to return safe as houses. You use water, my friend. Come. Let us set off."

Em sat in Maths class, her last lesson on a Friday and she was bored to tears. Miss Phelps was teaching them about construction for geometry. Since Em wasn't going to be pursuing a design, building or astronomy career in the foreseeable future, she didn't see how drawing a angle bisector with her compass on a piece of paper was even remotely useful for life skills. She stared out the window despondently. Maths seemed to go on forever. This just wasn't fair. Em scanned the schoolyard with drooped eyelids in a pleasant daydream trying to find a liable distraction. Suddenly she saw it. A flash of silver blonde hair...

"Emalia!" Snapped a voice sharply. Em turned around, surprised. She had been swinging on her chair previously. Bad decision. Em was now sprawled out on the ground. The class tittered.

"Sorry Miss Phelps," Em muttered.

"Remember how you're supposed to sit on your chair," Miss Phelps scolded, grinning. "And pay attention while you're at it." Em nodded and picked up her compass when the bell made a loud announcement that the lesson was over.

Is it really over? She thought dazedly. She cleared her pens into a neon pink pencil case and put her compass carefully back in her box of mathematical tools. Clearing that in her pencil case too, she piled her books in a semi-tidy pile and made a beeline for the door.

"Em, wait," Miss Phelps called out. Em sighed. What now?

"Yes Miss Phelps?" She asked politely. Manners were essential with Miss Phelps.

"Are you all right, Emalia?" She asked.

"Uh yeah... I mean, yes," Em mumbled. "Just... tired."

"Oh," remarked Miss Phelps. "I don't see you usually drifting off in class. Are you sure the glandular fever isn't coming back is it?" Em briefly wondered if teachers at her school were also private investigators. How else could they know about everyone's intimate private life. But then again, Em had given her form teacher and dean quite a scare when she told them she'd come down with it.

"Oh no," Em chirped. "Just a recurring dream."

"Do you want to talk about it?" Miss Phelps wanted to know. Em shook her head. That was the last thing she wanted, to discuss her dreams with her Mathematics teacher.

"I'll be fine," She insisted. "I better go. Late for form time. Bye! I'm sorry! It won't happen again!" And before Miss Phelps could lecture her, Em was scooting out the door.

"Tsk tsk," Said her friend, Rose, who was waiting for her out the door.

"How well did Phelps bore into you?" Helen, another friend, wanted to know.

"Surprisingly well," Em sighed. Helen and Rose groaned with envy.

"Teacher's pet man," Helen teased.

"Not just Miss Phelps' pet," Rose added. "Everyone's teachers pet." They all groaned in unison.

"Anyway," Began Em, intending to change the subject. "Rose. Did you see that T.V. Hits magazine with Heath Ledger gracing the cover?"

"Heath Ledger?!" Rose squealed, unable to contain her excitement. "I love him!"

"He's taken," Helen pointed out. "And it was Orlando Bloom who made it happen. He's so sweet." Rose had gone red with rage.

"TAKEN?!" She bellowed, receiving several strange looks from the student body of their all girls' school. She began simultaneously poking Helen in the chest. "I. Told. You. He. Was. Evil."

"Well at least Orlando Bloom is single," Helen retorted.

"I still don't get what it is about these guys," Em remarked.

"Well that's easy for you to say Miss-I've-got-a-cute-boy-in-my-worst-nightmare," Rose snapped.

"It's pretty hard to find him cute when his face is distorted in fear Rose," Em pointed out. "But I guess he is cute, in a strange way."

The trip up to upland hadn't gone well so far. Dilon and Ramedi had arrived at an all girls' school and had to get out of it, quickly. Dilon would have been quite happy staying there "seeking fair maidens" as he called it. But Ramedi was anxious to get away.

"Why good man?" Dilon asked.

"I have no taste for women," Ramedi replied matter-of-factly. And that was the end of that. They took a taxi to the Princess Azyra's house, now known as Isabel. Azyra, Dilon's aunt, had wanted to be in Upland as she had fallen in love with a man there once, but she had outlived him. Unbeknownst to her, the world she came from had a different time space. But, Azyra still refused to go back. She liked Midland. They knocked on the door.

"Greetings little nephew!" She chirped in a melodic voice and hugged him. "How goes it?"

"Very well Aunt," Dilon replied. "This is my good friend from Garode City Ramedi, a mage."

"A mage?" Azyra exclaimed. "How an unusual. A common mage-boy."

"Yes," Dilon agreed. "I suppose it is."

"Come in," Azyra commanded. "You must sample the delights of Lileagi food." Dilon and Ramedi followed Azyra into the dining room. They found the house oddly warm, a contrast from the cold hollows of the realm of Plureagi.

"We have scryed for the Star Child," Dilon said. Azyra gasped in spite of herself.

"The Star Child?!" Azyra gasped. "She lives?!"

"Yes my lady," Ramedi said. "She lives. She is here, and close. I feel her presence."

"I will help you," Azyra assured them. "Lileagi seems so empty without John. I wish to return to Plureagi some day."

"Is that so?" Dilon remarked, interested.

"Yes it is," Azyra replied. "Now, we need to prepare you for Lileagi. People here take notice of difference. Your birth names for example. They need to be changed." Dilon and Ramedi looked at each other.

"Change our birth names?" They spluttered in unison.

"Just for the present moment," Azyra replied. "My Midland name is Isabel. Yesterday I heard a name that would suit you, little nephew. Damien."

"Damien," Dilon repeated. He quite liked that name.

"And you, little mage," She began, referring to Ramedi. "I think Reece would be quite pertinent." Ramedi grinned. "I am going to an organisation connected with a place of Midland worship called a church. They are holding a group with Midland youth your age. You must come."

"Of course, Aunt," Dilon replied.

"Stay in this dwelling," Azyra commanded. "I shall be collecting garments for your attire."

Em sat in front of the mirror brushing her hair preparing for youth group. Today had been a long day. At school by 7:30am, home by 5pm.

"Emalia!" Her mother called out. "It's time to leave!" She sighed. Her mother did do a lot for her, especially since her father went missing when she was 3 years old. Em didn't remember much about her father. He remembered his elusive green-gold eyes, copper hair and melodic tenor tone voice, but not a lot else. Last time she checked, her mother was dating a rather gorgeous guy, a weatherman called Gary who had been her high school sweetheart. Unlike most other girls, Em didn't really seem to mind. She had gotten over her mother having boyfriends at an early age as long as her mother was content. Besides, Em loved her mother and didn't want to hurt her. Em concluded that her mother was a grown woman, so she should date if she wanted to. Also, Gary had the most gorgeous four-year-old daughter called Angelina from his previous marriage and fully supported the fact that Em should learn to surf and have all the gear for it.

"Coming Mum!" Em called back. She grabbed her white sweatshirt and walked down the flight of stairs meeting her mother at the bottom.

"Let's go," Her mother suggested. Em followed her out the door to the white Toyota starlet. It was a short trip to where youth group was held.

"Bye bye Mama," Em murmured and gave her mum a peck on the cheek took her bag.

"Have fun sweetie," Her mother replied. "Bye." Em nonchalantly hoisted her bag onto her shoulders and scrambled out of the car.

"EM!" Cried a shrill voice that belonged to Helen.

"Hey Helen!" Em chirped enthusiastically. Helen gave her a hug that temporarily asphyxiated her friend. Sure sign that Helen was extremely hyper.

"There's two really cute new guys that arrived with Isabel!" Helen informed her.

"Oh nice!" Em replied. "I wanna meet them!" Her mood suddenly felt quite lifted. She peered around for new faces.

"They're down by the park," Helen said. "Let's go!" And, since they were both really hyper, they linked arms and skipped down the pebble path to the little glade past the small cemetery. There was the usual crew of people; Aaron, Kyle, Melvin, Rose, Megan and Crystal including two new guys. These must be the ones that Helen was talking about.

"Are these the new guys?" Em asked, sitting down.

"Uh huh," Helen replied. They walked over to the group.

"Hey Emzy!" Rose squealed, giving her a quick hug.

"Rose!" Em squealed in reply.

"Hey there Em," Melvin, the geek said, well geekily.

"Hey Melvin," She said. Kyle regarded her with a nod. "And hello to you too Kyle." He grinned.

"Emalia," Aaron said coldly, using her full alias. Just two weeks ago, she had turned Aaron's offer for a date down after he told her he liked her because she seemed crazy. That was enough incentive to run for the hills. Em had used currently every excuse in the book to try and get out of going out with him but Aaron still seemed to insist. This all culminated with a huge fight on her instant messenger with Aaron calling her every name under the sun and Em blocking him convinced he was a horrible, pathetic creep.

"Hi," She said rather facetiously, before Helen conveniently grabbed her arm and dragged her toward the new boys.

"Hey Damien! Reece!" She called. The one with dark hair whipped his head around. His blonde counterpart sat up from looking at the sky. "Now this is my friend Emalia."

"Hello," They both said seemingly awkwardly. Em froze. Silky silver blonde hair, endless blue eyes, snow-white skin... it was him. The dream replayed its sickening scenes in her head over and over again. She needed to sit down, ground herself, before she threw up.

"Em, on your right is Damien and on your left is Reece," Helen explained.

Em forced a smile on to her face.

"Hey guys," She said, feigning a casual tone. "Call me Em." Suddenly, Damien's gaze caught hers. His eyes were so elusively blue. One part of Em's brain, the one that always had to vie for attention was screaming "Shag him! SHAG HIM!" while the other part was trying to be sensible and rational. This was all rather difficult as Damien refused to let her gaze go. It was as if he was stripping her right down into the hidden depths of her soul. After awhile Em felt uncomfortable and had to look away, and as usual, hid her deepest feelings from the outside world.


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