An Angel's Lament
by PitViper

An Angel's Lament

When He asked me,
"Where is your soul?"
I responded,
"I replaced it with a lump of coal."

Then He asked me,
"Where is your heart?"
I laughed,
"It is frozen and in need of a start."

Again He asked me,
"Where is your spirit?"
I looked at Him,
"You broke it, do you not remember it?"

He then asked me,
"Where is your courage?"
I growled,
"It is a part of my rage."

Finally He turned,
And walked away.
I looked at Him with sad eyes,
I still remember that day.

An Angel, people say,
Does the bidding of the Father
But they don't understand the way,
His distance from us grows farther.

We are darkness,
And we are light,
But sometimes we are frightened,
Of that long dark night.

I know He was satisfied,
My answers were true.
But I know that anyone,
Would be so blue.

He was our Father,
The creator after all.
Now we wait patiently
In silence for His call.

His voice gives us strength,
We wonder and we wait,
Hoping that today,
Will be the date.

And when night calls,
Darkness' shadow falls.
Our wings we gather close,
And of our state we make the most.

Finally I asked Him,
"Father why do you not speak?"
No answer came from above,
So my soul I set out to seek.

Then I found it,
Dim and glowing.
And I took it:
It returned to me like water flowing.

Again I asked Him,
"Father, what purpose does your silence serve?"
No answer came from Him,
So I chose to thaw my heart for that is what I deserve.

Warmth flowed through it,
And I was showing,
At last my heart beat,
And again it was going.

Looking up I yelled to Him,
"Father, will you not answer?"
Again no answer came from Him.
So my spirit I sought out like an eager dancer.

And I felt my spirit,
Cracked and broken,
Healed quickly,
As words of thanks were spoken.

Finally I cast my eyes up once more to Him.
"Father, I am almost whole."
Again not even a murmur from Him,
And I knew the price of rage - its terrible toll.

So in that moment of silence,
I gathered my courage,
And as I made a sad remembrance,
I released my rage.

So now I look at my fellows,
Still waiting for that voice,
A voice that was always hollow:
We were abandoned by His choice.

But I was not mad,
I was His child after all.
The love I felt made me sad,
And His voice I could still recall.

As tears slipped from my eyes,
A soft and soothing voice came from above.
"Never believe that I'd break our ties."
He said, and I saw a white dove.

I smiled as His light filled me,
God's sweet voice echoed softly.
"I'm as proud of you as I can be,
And I loved you always openly."

And that is when I realized,
What His silence did to me.
And the tears stopped flowing from my eyes,
Because joy was what I could see.

Every child grows,
And learns to leave its home.
A bird leaving the nest knows,
That a spirit must be free to roam.

And that was what Father
Tried to show.
That although He loved us,
He had to let us go.


Author's Notes:

Just a quick poem, something to let everyone know that I've not left. Its a bit on the spiritual side, and doesn't conform to any particular beliefs outside my own. I hope you like it, please read and review. Thanks,
PitViper ([email protected])