DisclaimerSeeing how this be a true story, hell nawh ya' can't claim me, I'm real, they real, hell, WE ALL REAL! 

Author's Note:  TRUE STORY!!!  ::waves hands above head like idiot:: Yeah!…um, most may wonder who these people are, but don't worry, you don't have to know who they are, only I do, that's what matters.  Oh!  And in case ya' wonderin', Casey is a girl…not a guy.

Slip From Life

I sat at the table sneaking White Castle fries into my mouth, watching Lula set up the small burger and french-fry cases for everybody else.  Soon, Casey came into the kitchen and began munching on her fries along with me, making me not feel so bad about not wanting to wait for everybody.

I sat on the right side of the table closest to the back wall; Casey sat next to me, on my left.  Daddy sat at the front of the table, then it was Andrea and Lula on the side, Andrea being opposite the table of me.

He had been "getting on our nerves" that day, and at the table him and I were kinda' "goin' at it".  Me: defending why things had gotten broken in the house in the past.  Him:  explaining why we were always breaking things…because we were destructive, and to use his words, "lil' shitheads; dumb asses; dumb shits (what ever he saw fit best). 

Then, somewhere off into the mixture, he started calling us stupid…or saying we acted stupid, which is why he called us what we did.  Now, his logic for thinking this was because, supposedly, when something was said, one or all of us would break out laughing.  And of course, we all felt compelled to explain our actions.  Casey was next to me, just putting in her two cents when ever she felt needed; Lula was off in her world, eating her food, basically agreeing with what ever Andrea or I would say.

My excuse for laughing so much was, "You say stuff that triggers a certain memory in our head that makes us laugh, you can't call that stupid." He said, "Hell yeah I can, ya' laugh at stupid stuff and fer no reason at all!" I said, "It's stupid to you because you are left out the joke, and you don't get it."  But he's kind of stubborn and he mumbles under his breath, "Nawh, that shit is stupid," of course, we all still hear him, so Andrea said, "You see Daddy, your problem is that you don't know us anymore.  We have out own lil' inside jokes that you see "crazy, stupid, and dumb", but their jokes to us, so their funny.

Then we continued our discussion: eating and giving examples of what he acted like and soon, we were all laughing at the impression, even him. 

Suddenly he began coughing, our laughter stopped but our smiles were still on our faces, waiting for him to stop, but when he didn't, the smiles burned away and we immediately tried to make sure he was alright, all of us rising our chairs, hoping that it'd just blow over.

Spit rolled out his mouth as he tried to stand up, yet something was wrong, he couldn't breath; we were terrified.  Our shouts filled the kitchen as we called his name, helpless and worried.

His legs wavered beneath, liable to give out at any given time.  "Andrea, do th' maneuver!" "I don't know how!"

Andrea wrapped her hands around his waist; Casey clawed at his arm, trying to stand him up.  His legs buckled and he fell, nearly bringing Casey and Andrea down with him, he was too heavy for us.

He slid out of Andrea's arms and onto the ground, white spit seen around the corners of his lips.  His eyes were closed, his stomach was motionless; no breath passed through his lips.

I thought that was it.  Will we go back to Grandma?  Vancie?  Foster parents?…Is he dead?

We were all crowed around him, Lula continuing to ask him if he was ok, shaking the meat on his upper arm, yet he lay lifeless.  Andrea still tried to pick up his head, yet it just hung in her hands. 

"Go call th' police." I said quickly, standing next to the chair Casey was in; my voice was rushed, yet I wasn't, as soon as I said the words I glanced around the kitchen frantically, looking for the phone; Casey did the same, then left to go look in the front room, but I stood where I was, watching.

We had come to an end.  We were helpless-I- was helpless.  I told myself he'd be dead even before the police got here, maybe even before the call was made.  I thought about what we would do, waiting in the house for the police to arrive and take us away…with his limp and lifeless body lying there, sprawled out over the kitchen tile.  I had never seen him like this-- never been in a situation like this before, yet I was calm, just watching, my mind wondering, quite in contrast to Lula and Andrea, tears dripping down their cheeks, rolling over their noses, falling down onto the tops of their lips.

He jerked suddenly, coughing, a tear seeping out his eye.  His stomach convulsed as he coughed again, then finally swallowed, opening his lids, revealing his redden eyes, water still leaking out as he stared up at us.

He recovered, yet he was confused.

Casey rushed back in and we stared at him on the ground.  The corners of his eyes held tears.  "Are you ok?"  "Daddy?"  Our repeated questions filled the empty air around us.

"What?" He swallowed again, his large adams' apple moving up and down, "What happened?"  He moved to get up and we grabbed his arms, I stood back, watching on as he stood, his knees slowly their strength and he wobbled over to the sink, picked up a towel and began to run some warm water over it, then used it to wipe the dried tears from his cheeks.

I watched, still unsure, confused, and still amazed.  What just happened?

We decided to put off the conversation.  He continued as if nothing happened, but the rest of us were still quiet as the cloud of failed death still passed over us…he could be dead right now…and where would we be?