Consoling the Cherub

A barren desert is cracked and parched,
Thirsty for love from the crystalline sky
And from her perch upon a gossamer cloud
A precious angel begins to cry

As scintillating drops adorn her alabaster face
The desolate earth below swells with a song of praise
Lush foliage blossoms; velvet flowers appear
And open bright petals, thankful for a seraph's tears

The angel whose compassion brought endless consolation
Does not realize that her existence shouldn't be forsaken
Because she was born with star dust in her eyes
Love will mend her broken wings and again she will fly

For she is a messenger of eternal rhapsody
She deserves the freedom of complete ecstasy
Swirling through golden sunlight; may she be forever loved
Because she is the epitome of sweetness from above

May her eyes shine like jade jewels, for she is so dear
May she never again know the pain of saline tears