What Do You Care?

By: Lauren

What do you care?

You don't even know I'm here

Too blind by your own greed

And my warning you don't heed

What do you care?

This forgotten feeling I can't bear

Do you even know I exist?

Or do I fade away like the mist?

What do you care?

You've created my fears

Am I invisible?

Or destined to be miserable?

What do you care?

Why do you create my tears?

To me you're never there

To speak to me you'd never dare

What do you care?

This pain is so dear

It doesn't matter now, it's part of me

I guess this is the fee

This is the price I pay

Nothing is ever good enough

To be caught by your eye

I guess I'll give up

It's all a useless fight

I could be bleeding, pleading and dying

And maybe then you'll see me

And maybe then you'll care

Don't tell me why.

You've never been there for me

You've never been precious to me

I just want to be good enough

I want to be loved by you

But what do you care?

To you I'm not even there

Even if I am truly everywhere

I'm leaving in the breeze

I'm fleeting away in the light

I'm disappearing to the shadows

I'm gone to you

And no matter how hard you try to hold on

It doesn't matter

Because it's too late

I'm already gone

I'm the sand that has fallen between your fingers

I'm the water that falls through the cracks

I'm the wind that whips around you

I'm the fire that you can never touch

It's too late; it's too late

I'm gone; I'm gone

I'm untouchable; I'm unreachable

But what do you care?