Poisoned Rose: Dearest Sister

Painting pictures on the walls

Of her cabbalistic dungeon

A fatalistic echo calls

The skeleton's fingers rustle

The cage that surrounds her

Smells dank and morbid

Like a hungry cat the walls purr

Binding in the closing darkness

In her nirvana she waits to die

For within her dark prison

Life is but a lie

The long years have left their scar

Tortures remains in her flesh

All that remains of her heart, ashy char

The endless ache an affliction on her soul

But before it was not like this

At a time long ago

Before she was plagued with the devil's kiss

She was a beautiful rose

We grew of the same bush

From bud to passionate rose

That was in the sunny spring

Before the winter snows

With nut but eyes

She and I could talk

There was no disguise

No masquerade of lies

We were souls united as one

But through our fancy's flight

Something sinister had begun

Yet we did not know

The wings with which we flew

Were to be broken

The dream which we knew

Was to be awoken

And we did not know

It happened so fast

The winds of change began to blow

And they changed so very much

Two roses were picked by two different hands

Hands of ultimate destruction

Though neither could quite understand

The power of their corruption

In her flower arrangement we were apart

I could but watch from a distance

As that hand poisoned her heart

And pulled her farther away

A desolate wind blew within

She and I could no longer fly

In life's symphony of strife and sin

She and I were left longing to die

So far apart, we were devoted

My sister's mournful dirge

Was not sung unnoted

But what was I to say?

Her blood stained the rose

My soul's twin bled

It was not a path she chose

And tragedy lay on the road ahead

I watched the fiery rose fade

The vivacious passion drain

I saw her Crown of Thorns made

And watched her spirit slain

It was worse than any torture man could conceive

Watching her soul evaporate

The evil shadow, her souls thieve

The hurt I could not dissipate

I saw her blood on the floor

A pool in which she lay

I saw her bruised and battered core

Which humanity did slay

Her wounds deep, she would not heal

Her mind was scarred

Her spirit lusted eternal slumber's seal

Her tears ran into pools red

A face deathly pale

Lips icy red

A shattered soul frail

A spirit near-dead

She rebelled against it

And it imprisoned her

Flickering but still lit

The flame burned in her dungeon

She fought them with rage

When the came for her

I wondered how they could encage

Something that beautiful

Yet still they did

And the flame flickered hazardously

Her penitentiary was morbid

Death was in its smell

She told me she was fine

That everything was OK

But she was betrayed by her eyes

Pain was all they could say

Yet she could not break free

The chains were too strong

All she wished to do was flee

Here she did not belong

Like a lion in a cage

Passion still shone in her eyes

Her growing rage

Would soon begin its demise

Her resolve wavered

Paused inside

The flame quavered

And inevitably died

She was a freeman captive

A wild animal tame

And nothing would ever

Re-ignite that flame

She struggled still

Against the tumultuous ocean

She suffered the chill

And lost the notion

But she fought on

Battled the waves

Hope was not gone

Not yet

But time passed

The hours to days

And with time

Fortitude frays

She fought with most courage

But she would give in

In the end

Death would win

She was a bloodstained rose

A tortured aching soul

She wrote with sorrowful prose

To a sister no longer whole

And I lamented my soul's twin

Who's face I would not know

The melancholy within

All began to flow

An ocean of tears was cried

By her and I

Sister's were numb inside

Who once used to fly

Death was near

The end was in sight

She did not fear

The final night

She longed for a paradise

Where her spirit could be free

And with one winters bitter ice

Came an answer to her plea

That night she scribed a sonnet

Written to a sister far away

These were her dying words

Said in her special way:

Dearest sister of afar,

Please remember me

No matter where you are

I want you to be free

Dearest sister understand this

You were the reason I carried on

You always helped to lift my burden

We always sung the same song

Dearest sister you reached for me

When I was all alone

You had the Midas touch

When my world was made of stone

I do not want to hurt you sister

For you understood

You always accepted sister

In all ways you could

When I talked of suicide

And leaving this dismal existence

You simply listened sister

There was never any resistance

Dearest sister, you did not judge

You saw beneath the twisted soul

There was a beautiful rose

Passionate and whole

Dearest sister do not cry for me

As I hated my cheerless life

Do not let it pain you sister

All the world's strife

Dearest sister please remember

The days we used to fly

I love you dearest sister

Yet now I must die

Then she set down her pen

And reached for her blade

Then she left her prison

Whose walls became jade

In the evening air's caress

On a bed of gore and frost

Beneath milky twilight

A poisoned rose was lost